Growing up in Colorado, I was lucky enough to get into fly fishing at an early age and have been seeking out new fishing experiences ever since. After moving to San Francisco 5 years ago, I became close friends with a group of guys who surfed and spearfished regularly. The first couple of times I was able to go out with the crew were pretty incredible experiences and I knew I would keep coming back.

  • Hometown Boulder, CO
  • Sports / activity Spearfishing, Crabbing, Fishing, Surfing
  • Biggest almost you've had... I missed a ~15lb Lingcod last summer at Pebble Beach.
  • Dream fishing trip Panama, Tahiti/Fiji...
  • What's one ritual you always go through before heading out on the water?Coffee, coffee, coffee...
  • Other sports/activities:Fly fishing, Surfing, Shorecasting, Golf
  • Favorite speargun Riffe Speargun
  • Favorite speakers Cressi
  • Favorite dive gear Jackson Coosa HD
  • MY JAM IS...
  • favorite gear