From the time I could walk I fished the rivers and streams of northeastern Iowa. This led into a successfull college bass fishing and FLW tour bass tournament career which helped pay off college. After graduating college I spent several years guiding summers in Alaska, bumming around the American west, and pursing a geology career.

  • Hometown Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Sports / activity Flyfishing
  • I Started fishing at Before I can remember.
  • TROPHIES, AWARDS, ACCOLADES: Solo unassisted Grande Roosterfish on the fly. Multiple Fishing Leage Worldwide Top 10 finishes. On the fly count over 150.
  • FAVORITE REEL Hatch 11+
  • FAVORITE JUNK ROD/REEL SETUP I love buying cheap Cabelas bargain cave rods and fixing them up.
  • FAVORITE BAIT/LURE 5-6" articulated streamers
  • FAVORITE FISH TO CATCH? Roosterfish without a doubt.
  • BIGGEST FISH YOU'VE CAUGHT? 40lb rooster, I have also guided many 40-50" King Salmon on spey gear
  • DREAM TRIP To spend two weeks on a live aboard vessel in the Seychelles!
  • OTHER SPORTS/ACTIVITIES: I enjoy multi-day backpacking trips deep in the backcountry.
  • BIGGEST ALMOST YOU'VE HAD... I once had a super grande roosterfish (60lbs+) chase my fly all the way into shore. It was attempting to eat my fly when the wave pulled back and the rooster was stuck flopping around on the dry sand still looking for my fly.
  • MY JAM IS... Mid 2000's metalcore
  • FUN FACT My brother Landon is a NASCAR driver!
  • FAVORITE PLACE The Baja, Mexico backcountry, The Driftless Area of Northeastern Iowa, The reservation side of the Wind River Mountains.
  • TOURNAMENT PLACEMENTS? Beaver Lake FLW 2009 - 2nd Place, Bull Shoals 2010 College Fishing - 2nd Place, Numerous Local and Regional Wins and Top 10 finishes
  • WORDS TO LIVE BY Fish the moment. - Rick Clunn
  • WHAT'S ONE RITUAL YOU ALWAYS GO THROUGH WHEN FISHING? I always make sure not to catch a fish on the first cast.