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Our Smallest Boat Yet! Carmel 7ft 7in Dropstitch Air Floor Inflatable Boat

Posted by Joshua Loseke - Brand Manager on

The Little Dinghy That Could

The Newport Vessels Carmel 

7ft 7in - PVC Inflatable Dinghy

Inspired by a picturesque weekend sailing trip to the iconic Carmel by the Sea, the Newport Vessels Carmel inflatable dinghy is small in stature, but built to last. Newport Vessels has incorporated all the best features from our line of 5 star inflatable boats into this new 7ft 7in PVC dinghy. Last year we went looking for a small, rugged, ship to shore dinghy on the market, but were left wanting for something better. What we found was cheaply made, had few accessories, and performed poorly. At Newport Vessels, we know that the perfect boat isn’t just about who makes it, it’s about high quality construction and design. That is why we set out to make the Carmel, the most stable and durable boat in the small inflatable category.

Just because something is small, doesn’t mean it should be made cheaply! We selected the highest grade PVC fabric, using the latest in heat welded seam construction techniques to assemble the most durable hull on the market. Our accessories are attached with German made adhesives to fully outfit the newest addition to our premium line of inflatable boats.

Over the years, we found that larger dinghies tend to last longer, and be built to higher standards. We were tired of being underwhelmed by the limited options for small inflatable boats on the market, and the quality which is dedicated to these smaller craft. We found these boats lacked accessories and features found on bigger boats, are cheaply made, and are not built to hold up to the stresses of regular use. After mooring in Carmel, we were greeted by a cluster of dilapidated dinghies tied to the dock, all suffering from the same issues. To fix this, we outfitted the Carmel 7ft 7in with everything needed to ensure years of reliable service in this stable and durable boat.

The Carmel features 1100 Denier Korean PVC, inflatable keel with rub strake, extra wear patches on side tubes, with rub strakes on each tail cone for beaching. This boat is ready for a towing bridle with heavy duty stainless D-rings, and bow handle. This two person dinghy is designed with durability and stability in mind. Featuring oversized 14” tubes for category leading stability, transom splash guards, a 360 degree grab rope with splash protector, and a rowing seat with fore-aft adjustability, this dinghy will keep you safe and dry. For accessory installation and modification, we have added D-rings for bimini tops, bow bags, and anything else you might need.

Whether you’re a weekend sailor looking for a lightweight, durable, and portable dinghy, or if you’re a liveaboard sailor looking for daily transportation for years to come, the Newport Vessels Carmel will not disappoint. Interested in learning more? Visit www.newportvessels.com/carmel, email us at sales@newportvessels.com, or give us a call at (866) 721-0002. Our California based customer service team is ready to answer any questions 8:30a-4:30p M-F PST!

Newport Vessels Carmel Specs - 7ft 7in Inflatable Dinghy 

Newport Vessels Inflatable Boat Comparison Chart

Newport Vessels Carmel Dimensions


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