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Motor Thrust Power v.s. Horsepower

Posted by Amos on

Many past and present Newport Vessels customers have asked us to convert the pounds of thrust specification for Newport Vessels Trolling Motors into horsepower specification that is common for gas motors and cars. First, pounds of thrust is a static force measurement while horsepower is 550 ft-pounds of work per second, a measurement per unit time.

So you cannot make a direct comparison between thrust and horsepower unless you also know the speed of the vessel when it is absorbing that thrust. So although there is no direct translation, you can estimate the horsepower rating of a given electric motor by multiplying the amp draw times the voltage to find the wattage of the motor. Then wattage divided by 746 will give you an estimate horsepower of the motor. So every 746 watts is roughly equivalent to 1 horsepower.

Using this formula the popular Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Thrust Trolling Motor is rated as 624 watts at the highest forward speed and so 624/746 = 0.84 and would be roughly equivalent to a 0.84 horsepower motor. 

We hope this makes this a little clearer for our Newport Vessels customers. 

Enjoy your motor!

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