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​How to Choose your Fishing Boat Accessories

Posted by Dallas Hudgens on

It always pays to be prepared when spending a day outdoors. There have been many trips of mine that were either cut short or ended poorly because of something I forgot to pack or just didn’t have with me on the boat. A perfect example of this is sunscreen. There are more days than I care to admit that have been shortened due to the fact that if I had stayed in the sun any longer I would have closely resembled a boiled lobster. So below we have a few items that you should not forget the next time you find yourself out on the water.

Screen Cleaner

It is impossible to avoid water getting onto the screens of your electronics, and if you have a touch screen then you’ll be getting oil marks from your fingers all over the monitor. When picking out a cleaner stick with something specially made for electronics. Try to avoid using homemade cleaners that could potentially damage your equipment.

Spare Prop

Nothing can ruin a day faster than a prop breaking. When purchasing a spare prop don’t worry about buying the expensive stainless steel. Just go with something you can you hook up quickly and easily and that can get you back to shore. Also, having a spare trolling motor prop isn’t a bad idea either. This can save a day of fishing if the fish are holding in shallow water and the only way to access them is with a trolling motor.

Bump Board/Scale

If you’re retaining any fish, it’s important to know exactly what size your catch is. Many states have strict punishments for retained fish that are over or under the regulations they have applied. And you don’t want to have your license revoked or pay a hefty fine because a fish was one inch too small.

There may be some places that institute weight limits, but really this is just for you to see how heavy your catch is. This will also give you bragging rights to your friends down at the bait shop.

Hook Cutter

This is not that important if you’re targeting smaller fish species. But when going after larger game such as pike, muskie, or larger saltwater fish, then this may come in handy. Accidents happen, and hooks get stuck in people. This is one way to ensure you have another option on removing a hook from someone.


Paddles make great jon boat accessories. Any time you’re fishing a smaller body of water and something goes wrong with your trolling motor or with your boat motor you’ll have something to get you back to shore without needing a tow.

Marine Battery Box

Protecting your battery, especially your trolling motor battery is crucial. There are several different models that allow for easy access to terminals for easy connecting and disconnecting. Some even have a charge level display on top of the box so you know exactly how much juice you have left.


This one is not as essential as some other items on this list; in fact many would see this as a nonessential item. However, if you’re spending the day out on the water and will be retaining some fish to eat, then there is noting finer than cooking them up within minutes of pulling them from the water. Try to stick to something on the smaller side to save room; but as long as you can fit a filet on there, you’ll be good to go. 

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