3rd Apr 2020 John Stepan

What You Need to Go Crabbing on Puget Sound

Photo by Jessie Chou on UnsplashSandwiched between two towering mountain ranges, fed by the inflows of nine freshwater rivers, and teeming with boats, wildlife, and natural forces, the Puget Sound wat … Read More
Fishing the James River

27th Mar 2020 James Walton

Fishing the James River

When you have a river close by you should spend time with it. It’s a like a good neighbor, one you can confide in.I remember the first time I realized that I was on a lifetime adventure. Some bodies … Read More

26th Feb 2020 Mary Rodriguez

10 Best Apps for Sailers, Anglers, and Boaters

If you're just getting into boating, you'll notice a slew of different apps to download for the boating industry. We've tried plenty of them and have chosen these favorites for navigation, weather, … Read More

21st Feb 2020 John Stepan

Five Reasons to Go Crabbing on Puget Sound

Courtesy of scenicoregon.comWhether it’s for the love of food, nature, or adventure, crabbing for Dungeness in Western Washington’s Puget Sound region is a tradition with benefits far beyond the sweet … Read More
​Living on a Sailboat – Part 1

6th Feb 2020 Jamie Fowler

​Living on a Sailboat – Part 1

Living on a sailboat is an absolute dream come true. It is an incredible way to travel and see new places...but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.“We choose to do these things not because they are … Read More
Setting Sail Around the World with Jamie & LeeAnn

22nd Jan 2020 Jamie Fowler

Setting Sail Around the World with Jamie & LeeAnn

January 14, 2020Better late than never…Carson, Jamie and the Sailing Vessel LeeAnn left Seattle, WA on August 23, 2019 to start our adventure of sailing around the world! LeeAnn is a 2000 Beneteau Oce … Read More