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​Catching Night Time Bass

Posted by Dallas Hudgens on

Catching Night Time Bass - Lakes during day are too crowdedThe end of the day nears and the sun begins to set. Anglers and recreational boaters all begin jockeying for position on the ramps in order to leave for the day. You’ll notice their sunburnt faces, worn out look in their eyes and maybe a few of them have a livewell full of fish. You sit back and relax and watch as the cluster of boats begins to finally unknot itself. And that’s when you launch.

Reasons For Night Fishing

There are many positives to night time angling. First of all, you don’t have to worry about many, if any, people out on the water with you. You’ll essentially have the place to yourself. Which means you don’t have to worry about any jet skiers or other boaters burning past you and ruining a fishing spot. Also, because no one is out on the water, you’ll have the pick of any fishing spot you choose.

The cooler temperatures also make it more comfortable for you, as well as the fish. With the sun setting the water temperature will begin to cool off and the bass will become more active. And the best part is you don’t have to worry about sunscreen or any long sleeve sun shirts.

And finally, the most important reason to go night fishing is because this is when the big bass come out to eat. Fishing at night gives you the best possible opportunity to catch the biggest bass in the lake. Many of those big fish will be out carousing shore lines, docks, lily pads and creek channels when the sun starts to set. This is when it pays to have a trolling motor. Drop it in the water and begin moving slowly around the lake to different pieces of structure.

Equipment Needed

But before you head out, there are a few items you need to have with you. First off you need to bring two flashlights. You read that correctly, you need two. Just in case one is not working or one winds up falling overboard. This is especially important if you are fishing at a time where the moon is not bright, or if you’re fishing an unfamiliar lake. Secondly make sure you’re running lights work. Most boats will come equipped with these; but if you’re fishing from a kayak you may need to install these yourself.

Catching Night Time Bass - bass fishing with electric trolling motor

It is possible to go out and catch fish when it’s not a full moon. However, the brighter the moon is the better the fishing will be. Not only will it help the fish see your lure, but it will also allow you to see the water better.

Despite the low light conditions, you can still bring your entire tackle box. You’ll just want to ensure that you use darker colored lures. That reason for this is that at night time the darker colors produce a more prominent silhouette, and the bass are able to pick it out easier. Stick to dark blues, and black as your primary lure colors.


Moving lures such as a spinner bait or a crankbait with a rattle will work, but you can also throw your jigs and your soft plastics around structure if you would prefer. Again, just remember to keep your colors dark for the best visual effect.

However, top water is the preferred method of fishing at night, and there’s good reason for that. It’s the most fun. Throwing a buzzbait at night means you might not see the strike. But instead, you’ll be met by the sound of a crash coming from the water followed by the pull of the fish on your line.

With that in mind you’ll want to be throwing Zara spooks, frogs, buzzabits, poppers, or anything else that makes noise, and displaces water.

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