21st May 2019 Dallas Hudgens

​How to Choose your Fishing Boat Accessories

It always pays to be prepared when spending a day outdoors. There have been many trips of mine that were either cut short or ended poorly because of something I forgot to pack or just didn’t have w … Read More

15th May 2019 Dallas Hudgens

Bass Fishing: ​California Smallmouth Bass

California Smallmouth Bass FishingThe beautiful state of California is known to produce some of the largest freshwater fish in the country. Currently,8 of the 10 biggest Largemouth bass caught have re … Read More

9th May 2019 Dallas Hudgens

​How to Catch Fish Anywhere

Have the plan, work the plan, and then adjust when said plan fails miserably.Being a great angler with the ability to catch fish anywhere you like boils down to adjusting your tactics throughout the … Read More

30th Apr 2019 Steven Johnson

Fishing With an Electric Trolling Motor

Every Boater Needs an Electric Trolling MotorIn pursuit of the perfect walleye or muskie? Then you already know the benefits of a good electric trolling motor. Saltwater or freshwater, these qu … Read More

24th Apr 2019 Dallas Hudgens

​Spring Time Topwater Tactics

Catching fish is what brought you to the sport of fishing, but catching them on topwater is what makes you an addict. Bass are the apex predator in most of the lakes in America, and you can see it fir … Read More