22nd Mar 2019 Dallas Hudgens

​How to Catch Spring Time Bass

The time period between football season and spring fishing has finally come to a close. It’s been a long month and a half, full of organizing tackle, re stringing reels, and twiddling thumbs. Howeve … Read More

1st Feb 2019 Nick

Trolling Motor: Marine Grade Wires

What Are Marine Grade Wires? “Why are my copper wires silver?” or “Are your wires made with copper? Then why are they silver colored?” are questions we get all too often. The quick answer is yes, … Read More

4th Jan 2019 Steven Johnson

Thinking of Getting an Inflatable Boat?

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting an Inflatable BoatInflatable boats have come a long way from those of the past, and it seems everywhere you go, you can spot them on the waterways. They hav … Read More