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Christmas Gift Ideas For Dads And All Boaters

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Has Dad been good this year?  Christmas is coming and nothing says "Merry Christmas" and "I Love You", like an inflatable boat.  Our Inflatable sport boats make excellent gift ideas for a variety of reasons: 

  1. It gives Dad a reason to "get away" for a short period of time.  Mom can shop during this time.
  2. Dad's always nicer after he catches some fish.
  3. Inflatable boats will give Dad another thing to work on, customize, and tinker with all year long.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. When it's warm, the whole family will now have a boat to have fun on.
  5. It's a gift that won't break the bank account (Dad may think so, but not with Newport Vessels' prices)

Shop the full collection of Newport Vessels inflatable sport boats, and make Dad incredibly happy this Christmas morning. Watch the gifts in action below.

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