Inflatable Boat: Adding or Repairing Attachments

9th Mar 2017 Amos

Inflatable Boat: Adding or Repairing Attachments

Installing and Repairing Accessories

Adding or Repairing Attachments - Attachments for PVC Inflatable Boats Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels Inflatable Boats are made of the highest grade PVC fabric and the the strongest German Imported Adhesive available and many of our loyal customers have maintained our boats in good condition for years. But when customers mis-use the boat or do not practice proper maintenance and storage procedures required for a PVC inflatable boat, the boat will start to experience accelerated wear and tear.

Symptoms include handle patches, oar locks, and other peripheral pieces detaching from the main tubes. Annoying as it may seem, these little things can be repaired and permanently re-attached very quickly and easily. Below we outline how you can repair your boat using readily available, safe, and inexpensive products.

Adding or Repairing Attachments - Repairs With Included Repair Kit For Newport Vessels Inflatable BoatsTo permanently re-attach your pieces, you want to first deflate your boat. Then remove old adhesive residue from the fabric contact surfaces. We recommend you use an MEK Substitute product that is readily available online or your local hardware store. Allow to air dry briefly after using this product.

Then, use the powerful German Import Adhesive from the Newport Vessels Boat Repair Kit to re-attach the parts onto your deflated boat. This kit comes inside the package of every boat order and also available for purchase separately.

Allow several hours for the glue attachment to dry. Your boat should as good as new and ready for action!