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Newport Vessels Motor Cable Extension

Posted by Amos on

Many Newport Vessels customers are extremely happy with our Electric Trolling Motors because of their great performance and low pricing. One common area that we have received varying feedback for is cable length. For a vast majority of our customers, the cable length is perfect because their application is exactly what Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motors are designed for, but there are a small percentage of customers who use Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motors for alternative applications that require longer power cables.

Newport Vessels officially recommends that you use #10 AWG 105C wire for up to 94". If you are extending the wires more than 94”, we recommend #8 AWG 105C for our Electric Trolling Motors. Wire lengths greater than 149" are not recommended. 

Below are steps that the user can take to extend the cables from their Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motors.

  1. Remove about 2.5 inches of the outer protective insulation from the two cable ends that you are planning to splice together to extend overall length.


  2. Next, unravel and separate the distinct strands of the exposed metal wires and splay them out like a star.

  3. Then, joint the two star pieces so each strand pairs with it's matching strand from the other cable. Proceed to twist each pair together so they are firmly intertwined.

  4. Next, proceed to wrap the newly formed double strands around the outside of the cable until it becomes a relatively flat outer layer around the splice point.


  5. Next using electrical tape, apply a protective extra barrier layer around this splice point until fully sealed.


  6. Repeat for the other remaining cable from your motor.

    Congratulations, you have now successfully extended your motor cables! Enjoy your Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor!

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