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ePropulsion NAVY Lithium Battery

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This 48V lithium-ion battery pack is designed specifically designed for the NAVY electric outboard motors. Containing high energy density lithium-ion cells, it is 1/4th the weight and half the volume of traditional AGM batteries, but can still output more than 3000Wh. The built in Battery Management System, or BMS, prevents over charge/discharge, current fluctuations, over heating, and short circuit. The BMS also helps extend the battery lifetime with cell balancing technology and smart "deep sleep" design. Two identical communication ports allow for 8 parallel NAVY batteries and NAVY controller interaction. Each battery pack is produced by a strictly controlled and managed assembly process. The honeycomb-structure design ensures each cell is safely separated. The layered flame-resistant structure, heat conduction material, and aluminum alloy shell effectively shields the cells from damage.

Included In Purchase:
  • 1 x NAVY Battery
Other Accessories Needed for Operation:
  • NAVY Charger

About ePropulsion:

Founded in 2012 in Hong Kong by a few water-sports loving engineers, ePropulsion is dedicated to developing intelligent and sustainable marine propulsion systems. Through continuous research and innovation, ePropulsion has taken its first important leap in last few years by successfully developing and manufacturing four major products – SPIRIT 1.0, NAVY 3.0, NAVY 6.0 and LAGOON - three electric outboard motors and one sup/ kayak propulsion motor. For the future, ePropulsion will still keep its endeavor to offer a full range of clean, high efficient and exciting electric marine propulsion systems as well as explore possibilities of underwater intelligent propulsion to create more sustainable joy both on and in water.

Dimensions: 23.4" x 8.2" x 11.1"
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Nominal Voltage: 46.8V
Power Switch: Yes
Rated Capacity: 65AH
Body Construction: Aluminum Alloy Body
Max Cont. Discharging Current: 80A
Waterproofing: IP67 Waterproofing
Charging Voltage: 54.6V
Smart Features: Battery Management System
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 39V
Communication Ports: 2
Cycle Life: 500 Cycles w/ approx. 20% capacity loss
Charging Temp: 0˚C - 40˚C || 32˚F - 104˚F
Discharging Temp: -20˚C - 65˚C || -4˚F - 149˚F
Battery Weight: 70lbs

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