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Trolling Motors

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Top Rated 5 Star Boat Trolling Motors

Electric trolling motors by Newport Vessels. Shop the full collection of both fresh water and saltwater electric trolling motors. View our trolling motor comparision chart for all our electric trolling motors and series we have in stock. Newport Vessels trolling motors are designed for quality and dependability.  All Newport electric trolling motors are fully adjustable so that regardless of shaft length they can easily fit almost all types of boats. The smaller thrust trolling motors are designed for small transom boats like kayaks, canoes, inflatables, and all types of small fixed transom watercrafts.  While the larger thrust models are designed for larger water crafts, with users looking for max power, speed, and dependability for use in all water conditions.  Have questions about which motor is best for you, visit our "CHOOSE YOUR MOTOR CHART" page for all the details. 

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