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Premier Source for Inflatable Boat Accessories

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Many people have discovered all of the amazing benefits of choosing an inflatable boat over a traditional option. They are more economical, better for storage, easy to transport, and they work just as well. Now that you have your inflatable boat, you need some accessories to really make it your own. We are your premier source for the best inflatable boat accessories around.

We have a big selection of the very best inflatable boat accessories. If you are looking for a great way to turn your inflatable paddle boat into a motor boat then our Electric Trolling Motor may be a great option for you. This motor was truly built to last and made incredibly well, with top quality products. It works on all of Newport Vessels' inflatable boats, as well as with most other brands. This gives you a smooth, easy to control ride, and has 8 different speeds. This motor contains stainless steel hardware, so it works well even in saltwater. This motor is definitely the premier choice for anyone who wishes to motorize their inflatable boat.

This amazing electric trolling motor is just one of the many inflatable boat accessories that we have to offer. If you want the best prices on an out of this world selection, then you need to shop our site today. 

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