4 people


Durable & Versatile

Welded Construction

4 people


Durable & Versatile

Welded Construction

Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz makes a great 2 person fishing boat, 3 person runabout, or 5 person ship to shore tender boat. The dropstitch air floor allows the boat to easily be rolled up for storage or transport in car trunks, RV storage lockers, or sailboat lockers. Add up to a 10hp outboard to this dinghy for the best performance. It features an inflatable keel, dropstitch air floor, a 180° splash guard & grab rope, rub strakes, grab handles, Bimini attachment D-Rings, towing D-rings, and wear patches underneath the tubes.

The small and portable 10ft inflatable sport boat can be inflated and deflated in less than 5 minutes. The Santa Cruz inflatable dinghy boat is perfect to use as a versatile tender boat, fishing boat, or small run about boat. The Santa Cruz has extra large tubes (18 inches) which makes it very stable and maneuverable at high speeds. If you're looking for speed and performance, the ideal motor pairing is a 15" short shaft 9.9 hp outboard. You can reach speeds of 15-20 mph with this set up. The high-pressure inflatable keel allows the inflatable boat to reach maximum performance while banking, turning, and accelerating. Recent updates also include additional D-Rings for Bimini attachments and other accessories!

Newport Vessels inflatables are constructed with triple layered 1,100 denier PVC. What's this mean? It means we use the same materials used in recreational white water rafts. In fact we use an extra layer of polyester in our boats to give the material more flexibility for when folding up and storing away. Since our boats are made with the same materials, same construction methods, and techniques, our boats are just as durable as white water rafts. Our boats are made to be dragged up on shore, run into docks, and to keep up with the wear and tear of marine environments. However common sense must prevail, always avoid sharp rocks, coral, branches, and other abrasive obstacles which can tear the PVC fabric. The high-pressure inflatable keel allows the inflatable boat to reach maximum performance while banking, turning, and accelerating. This boat can function great as a simple tender with any smaller motor and even electric trolling motors.


The 10ft Santa Cruz inflatable boat is the perfect small size dinghy. Its size makes it the perfect boat to be used as a tender or to cruise around a bay or lake. It handles great because of its 18-inch tubes that give it a stable and smooth ride at high speeds. The high-pressure drop stitch air mat floor when inflated to the proper PSI becomes very rigid and firm. The air floor also provides a softer footing which is easy on the back. The 10ft Santa Cruz is easy to inflate and deflate because of the air floor compared to the wood floor models. It also is easy to store when not in use because the air floor can simply be deflated and wrapped up like the boat itself.

Apart from the performance of the 10ft Santa Cruz model inflatable boat the materials and construction used to create this boat are even more remarkable. At Newport Vessels we only use the highest quality imported PVC which makes for longer lasting and durable boats. Many other PVC boats use Chinese PVC while the Seascape and all other Newport Vessels inflatables use Korean PVC material. The Korean PVC has UV protectants and flex additives that other cheaper made PVC does not have. To go along with our materials, our dinghies also use imported German adhesives that are specially made to avoid delamination, chemical corrosion damage, and adhesion breakdowns. Our inflatable boats only use the highest quality PVC materials and adhesives from top-notch suppliers to ensure we have great performance and long lasting boats.


1100 Denier Korean PVC (.9mm)

18" Diameter Tubes

Inflatable V-Keel

Sealed Marine Plywood Transom

High Pressure Air Floor (drop stitch fabric)


High-Pressure Dropstitch Air Floor

2 Piece Oars and Attachments

Aluminum Bench Seat

Foot pump

Boat Storage/Carrying Bag

DMV Registration Paperwork (Mailed Separately)


Material PVC Korean

Seam Construction: Hot Air Welded

Color: White & Bule

Number of Air Chambers: 3 + Keel

Overall Length: 10'

Inflatable Keel: Yes

Inside Width: 24"

Transom Construction: PVC Covered Marine Plywood

Inside Length: 86"

Floor Material: Dropstitch Air Floor

Tube Diameter: 18"

Fabric Thickness: 1100D

Load Capacity: 1124 lbs

Tube Pressure: 3.6 PSI

Max Engine Weight: 90 lbs

Carrying Bag: Yes

Max Horsepower: 10 HP

Two Oars: Yes

Outboard Shaft Length: Short (15"-17")

Repair Kit: Yes

Passengers: 4

Foot Pump: Yes

Weight: 99 lbs


Halkey-Roberts Valves

Bimini Top Attachment D-Ring

Self Bailing Drain Plug

Double Tear Drop Rub Strake

Grab Rope

Double layered PVC on bottom of tubes

Extra wear patch on tails for beaching

Hot Air Welding Construction

How do I assemble my inflatable boat?

Assembly of your Newport Vessels inflatable boat will take about 15-20 minutes (especially the first time). Please view the detailed Owner's Manual for Wood Floor Inflatable Boat and Owner's Manual for Air Floor Inflatable Boat for the best most clear step by step directions. You can also view the brief assembly instruction video below of how to assemble your inflatable boat.

Hardwood floor

Air floor

Assembly of your Newport Vessels inflatable boat will take about 15-20 minutes (especially the first time). Please view the above video and the below steps to aid in the assembly and installation of the aluminum framed wooden floor boards. This part of the process will take about 5 minutes by using the following steps.

STEP A: Properly place Newport Vessels inflatable boat floor boards inside the boat in the correct order and attach the inflatable boat floor boards at the joint locations. Watch video above for proper technique & floorboard alignment instructions.

STEP B: Conjoin each individual floor together by inserting each floor boat (in the correct order) into the appropriate bracket. Once again, watch the above video for proper technique & inflatable boat floor board alignment instructions.

STEP C: Now that the inflatable boat floor board panels are properly and even placed within the boat (and the joints are properly connected) grab all the stringers and prepare for the aluminum stringer insertion. The longer side of the stinger is to be placed against the floor of the inflatable boat (leaving the more narrow/thin portion of the stringer facing upward. The motion to set the stingers in place is a rolling motion (not a sliding motion). The stingers are designed to roll into place and to secure snugly and not move. Watch video above for proper Newport Vessels inflatable boat stringer installation.

STEP D: Repeat the above steps for each individual aluminum stringer so that each joint of the wood panel floors are properly secured in place. The aluminum framed wood panel flooring provides an extremely rigid and secure flooring system for your boat. Wood flooring is recommended for multi passenger uses, dogs, standing, fishing, and all versatile inflatable boating applications. Watch the video above for proper technique & floor board alignment instructions.

Shipping Cost:

Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout for orders within the contiguous United States.

Orders outside of the contiguous United States, (Mexico and Canada) will be charged exact shipping costs

See our Shipping & Returns page for more information.


Inflatable Boat Warranty

Two Year Limited Warranty - (Warranty is non-transferable)

  1. We guarantee that each new inflatable boat and its accessories (hereinafter to be referred to as the “product”) is free from defects in material and workmanship.
  2. This warranty applies only to defects in material and workmanship, it does not apply to normal wear and tear, or to damage caused by:
    • Neglect, abuse, lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal or improper use, improper assembly, or failed repair attempts.
    • Use of an accessory or part neither manufactured nor sold by us.
    • Alteration or removal of parts.
    • Commercial use.
    • Improper protection against UV-light.
    • Extended exposure to the elements; sun, water, moisture, or humidity.
      • Newport Vessels inflatable products are manufactured with treated PVC materials. PVC material by nature (all brands & all models) will begin to breakdown, over-time, if left out in the elements. This warranty does not cover cases where products have been improperly protected against the elements for an extended duration. Please click here to view the difference between PVC and Hypalon.
  3. This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential costs or expenses such as haul-out, launching, towing transport and storage charges, telephone or rental charges of any type, inconvenience, waste of time or income losses, or other consequential damages.
  4. The customer must provide reasonable access to the product for warranty service by delivering the product for inspection to a dealer authorized to service the purchaser’s product. If a purchaser cannot deliver the product to such authorized dealer, the purchaser shall notify the company in writing. We shall then arrange for the inspection and repair, provided such service is covered under this warranty. The purchaser shall pay for all related transport expenses and/or any other expenses associated with that service. Any product or part shipped by the purchaser for inspection or repair must be shipped with transportation charges prepaid.Taking photographs and emailing them may suffice with Newport Vessels approval.
  5. Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing a defective part, or at our discretion, replacing such part or parts as shall be necessary to remedy the malfunction resulting from defects in material or workmanship as covered by this warranty. We reserve the right to improve the design of any product without assuming any obligation to modify any product previously manufactured. Each Purchase is entitled to one warranty claim submission and approval, once the claim is processed and approved, the Purchase is no longer eligible for future warranty claims.
  6. Boats purchased from unauthorized retailers are not covered by this warranty such as 3rd party Amazon resellers, eBay resellers, or other liquidator.
  7. Boats purchased as "Refurbished" or "Renewed" or "Used", are not subject to this warranty
Santa Cruz
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Stephen A.
United States United States
Santa Cruz - Happy Customer

I took the boat out for the first time yesterday. It fits perfect in the back seat of my sedan. It also fits in the trunk, but I had my motor in there. When we arrived at the boat ramp, it was out of my car, inflated, and in the water in roughly 15 minutes. The foot pump that NPV provides works well. My fiance and I were impressed with how stable the boat felt on the water. It was very comfortable with just us two. A third adult would be a little cramped but definitely doable. A fourth adult is definitely possible but wouldn't be comfortable if you're trying the stay out on the water for a while. Disassembling the boat and loading it back in my car was even faster, about 10 minutes, and very easy. My only "complaint" is that the boat is primarily white and gets dirty fast, but if you wash it after every use like you're supposed to, it won't be much of an issue. Also, I should mention that shipping was very fast, and the boat arrived in less than a week. I'm happy with the boat and would recommend it.

Newport Vessels Santa Cruz ReviewNewport Vessels Santa Cruz Review
United States United States
Fun at sea

Simple, practical, handy, small storage space, quick inflation, safe at sea and a satisfactory experience, to have fun and relax while sailing in a responsible and prudent way. I would like you to guide me where the boat should be registered, to comply with the legal aspect.

vladymyr t.
United States United States
Santa Cruz - Air Floor

Great boat. Excellent quality. Huge tubes. ( Very safe for young children ) Excellent custom service. Recommend!!!!

Mick C.
United States United States
Wowed again

love this boat

Tim F.
United States United States
A Perfect Solution

We are avid swimmers and COVID shut our swim down completely at both the inside and outside city pools. We researched for a month or so and found our Santa Cruz inflatable which has returned us to the water without compromise. It’s 10’ length (7’ interior) is perfect for the two of us and our gear (we are also photographers). It is easy to inflate/deflate in just minutes, it is comfortable and as easy as it gets. We opted to trailer the boat which has us from our studio to in the water in about 15 minutes )we live very close to a large lake). Five stars for both the boat and the support that we received are just not enough – a perfect 10!