Considering Getting a Kayak Trolling Motor?

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8 Reasons To Get a Kayak Trolling Motor

While most other forms of fishing have either seen a decrease in participation or a leveling off in numbers during recent years, kayak fishing is one category that has seen rapid growth. For the enthusiastic angler, kayak fishing offers many advantages over other types. Kayaks tend to be relatively affordable, both in terms of the initial price and ongoing maintenance, and it is fairly easy to transport them from one place to another. Additionally, because of its small, streamlined size, a kayak can access spots that other fishing boats cannot. This means that you can go to where the fish are rather than waiting for them to come to you.

However, kayak fishing can also be a challenge due to the necessity of using your hands and arms both to paddle the vessel and manage your fishing gear. It can be a delicate balancing act, one that can pose challenges for even experienced fishers. A trolling motor for a kayak sets your hand free so that you can use them for fishing.

That is the most obvious advantage of a  kayak trolling motor

1. Maintain Quiet

The peace and serenity that you can experience on a calm body of water in the early morning is one of the most attractive benefits of fishing. However, it can be difficult to enjoy the early morning calm if you set out on a motorboat with a noisy engine. An electric trolling motor operates in near silence. This means that not only will you not disturb the tranquility on the surface of the water, you will be less likely to frighten away the fish beneath it, meaning that you may be able to catch more.

2. Travel Faster and Farther

For some kayak fishers, paddling is half the fun, which is a completely valid point of view. For other fishers, however, the kayak is merely a means to an end. If you are among the latter group, you'd like to travel to your fishing spot(s) as quickly as possible so you can spend most of your time catching fish. Using a trolling motor to propel your craft is much faster than paddling, so you can reach your destination sooner. The fact that a kayak trolling motor allows you to cover more distance over a shorter time period means that you can travel farther and explore new fishing spots beyond your usual range.

3. Expend Less Energy

Even if you enjoy paddling, it can take a lot out of you. Using an electric trolling motor to get from spot to spot allows you to conserve energy, meaning that you can fish longer without getting tired out so quickly.

4. Increase Accessibility

At some point, you may develop a health condition, possibly related to age, that makes it difficult for you to paddle your kayak. If and when that happens, you won't necessarily need to give up kayak fishing if you invest in a trolling motor.

5. Manage Wind and Water Conditions

A trolling motor for a kayak does not eliminate the possibility of capsizing or other dangers associated with the wind, but it does help to make them easier to deal with. This cuts down on the frustration and fatigue that can result from fighting whitecaps or struggling to hold a position.

6. Improve Safety

Fishing is generally a fun and safe activity, but any time you are outside for any length of time, especially on the water, there are potential hazards. Heat and fatigue can each create dangerous conditions, and if they are combined, the situation can become even more perilous. By reducing or eliminating the need for paddling, trolling motors can protect you from overexerting yourself and causing heat-related illness and also prevent you from becoming overly fatigued.

7. Fish Different Bodies of Water

If your trolling motor is compatible for saltwater fishing as well as freshwater, you have the ability to take and use your kayak for fishing almost anywhere you wish. Any motor that you wish to take out onto saltwater should be made out of materials built to withstand its corrosive capabilities. These include zinc, magnesium, and stainless steel. Remember that a motor optimized for saltwater will be equally well-suited for freshwater.

8. Practice Pre-Fishing

If you're involved in fishing competitions, you can use a kayak trolling motor to find the fish more efficiently during the pre-fishing process. As you may already know, however, you likely will not be able to use the motor during the competition itself.

You will find that the best  kayak trolling motor  provides all these benefits. If fishing is a priority over paddling, you may find it to be an invaluable accessory.

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