3 People


Durable & Versatile

Welded Construction

3 People


Durable & Versatile

Welded Construction


Our #1

At 8’10”, the Dana makes an excellent 1-2 person fishing dinghy, 3 person tender, or 3 person runabout. With a 10hp motor the boat can reach speeds of around 15-20mph when on plane. The marine wood floors provide a solid and stable surface for standing or casting, and the 18” tubes keep passengers safe and dry when traveling at speed. The Dana features all the same convenience features as the rest of the Newport dinghy lineup with an inflatable keel, durable wood floor, a 180° splash guard & grab rope, rub strakes, grab handles, Bimini attachment D-Rings, towing D-rings, and wear patches underneath the tubes.

Why Buy the Dana?

The 8ft 10in Dana model inflatable sport tender is the ideal mix between portability and performance. The huge 18-inch tubes make this dinghy boat one of the most stable inflatable tender boats on the market; both during times of high speed and while floating still. The wide footprint of the 8ft 10in Dana makes for a solid foundation for easily boarding the boat as well as loading the boat. This same very solid foundation makes for an extremely low center of gravity and stable ride platform during times of high speed and turning.

Key Features

Grab Rope

Bench Seat

Bottom Rub Guard

Bow D Ring

Bimini Bow D Ring

Drain Plug

Transom Motor Mount Pad

Oar Locks

Side Rub Strake

Tail Tube D Ring

Transom Tube Seal

  • More Details

    These oversized tubes make the Dana dinghy boat very stable and maneuverable at high speeds. If you're looking for speed and performance, the ideal motor paring is the 15" short shaft 9.9 Honda outboard, Tohatsu outboard, or Evinrude outboard, or any comparable motor. You can reach speeds of 15-20 mph with this setup. The high-pressure inflatable keel allows the inflatable dinghy boat to reach maximum performance while banking, turning, and accelerating. Recent updates also include additional D-Rings for Bimini attachments and other accessories!

    Newport Vessels inflatable dinghy boats are constructed with triple-layered 1,100 denier PVC. What's this mean? It means we use the exact same materials used in professional whitewater rafts. In fact, we use an extra layer of polyester in our boats to give the material more flexibility for when folding up and storing away. Since our boats are made with the same materials, same construction methods, and techniques, our dinghy boats are just as indestructible as white water rafts. Our dinghy boats are made to be dragged up on shore, run into docks, and to keep up with the wear and tear of boating.

    Aside from the incredible performance of the 8ft 10in Dana model inflatable dinghy boat, the materials used for the construction of the boat are even more impressive. Newport Vessels only utilizes the highest quality imported Korean PVC which makes for long-term dependability and product performance. Be extremely cautious of cheap low-end Chinese PVC material that is constructed without flex additives and UV protectants. These materials are notorious for becoming brittle quickly and breaking down within only months of use. Newport Vessels only uses the highest quality imported German adhesives that are specially formulated to avoid delamination, adhesion breakdowns, and chemical corrosion damage. If brands aren't talking about their high-quality German adhesives, they're not using them! Newport Vessels uses only the highest quality PVC materials and adhesives from world-class suppliers, to ensure a high-quality product that customers of all types will love.

  • Features

    Halkey-Roberts Valves
    Bimini Top Attachment D-Rings
    Self Bailing Drain Plug
    Double Tear Drop Rub Strake
    Grab Rope
    Double layered PVC on bottom of tubes
    Extra wear patch on tails for beaching
    External Post Length: 1/4"
    Hot Air Welding Construction

  • More Tech Specs

    Fabric Thickness: 1100D
    Load Capacity: 1067 lbs
    Tube Pressure: 3.6 PSI
    Max Engine Weight: 90 lbs
    Carrying Bag: Yes
    Max Engine Horsepower: 10 HP
    Two Oars: Yes
    Outboard Shaft Length: Short (15"-17")
    Repair Kit: Yes
    Foot Pump: Yes
    Weight: 107 lbs

  • Hull Specs

    1100 Denier Korean PVC (.9mm)
    18" Diameter Tubes
    Inflatable V-Keel
    Sealed Marine Plywood Transom
    Aluminum Framed Marine Wood Flooring Set

  • Included Equipment

    Aluminum Framed Marine Wood Flooring Set w/ 2 Stringers
    2 Piece Oars and Attachments
    Aluminum Bench Seat
    Foot pump
    Boat Storage/Carrying Bag
    Floor Board & Accessories Storage/Carrying Bag
    DMV Registration Paperwork (Mailed Separately)
    Owner's Manual

  • How Do I Assemble My Inflatable Boat?

    Assembly of your Newport Vessels inflatable boat will take about 15-20 minutes (especially the first time). Please view the above video and the below steps to aid in the assembly and installation of the aluminum framed wooden floor boards. This part of the process will take about 5 minutes by using the following steps.

    STEP A: Properly place Newport Vessels inflatable boat floor boards inside the boat in the correct order and attach the inflatable boat floor boards at the joint locations. Watch video above for proper technique & floorboard alignment instructions.

    STEP B: Conjoin each individual floor together by inserting each floor boat (in the correct order) into the appropriate bracket. Once again, watch the above video for proper technique & inflatable boat floor board alignment instructions.

    STEP C: Now that the inflatable boat floor board panels are properly and even placed within the boat (and the joints are properly connected) grab all the stringers and prepare for the aluminum stringer insertion. The longer side of the stinger is to be placed against the floor of the inflatable boat (leaving the more narrow/thin portion of the stringer facing upward. The motion to set the stingers in place is a rolling motion (not a sliding motion). The stingers are designed to roll into place and to secure snugly and not move. Watch video above for proper Newport Vessels inflatable boat stringer installation.

    STEP D: Repeat the above steps for each individual aluminum stringer so that each joint of the wood panel floors are properly secured in place. The aluminum framed wood panel flooring provides an extremely rigid and secure flooring system for your boat. Wood flooring is recommended for multi passenger uses, dogs, standing, fishing, and all versatile inflatable boating applications. Watch the video above for proper technique & floor board alignment instructions.

    Assembly Videos:
    Newport - 8"10" Dana Inflatable Sport Boat Assembly Instructions

  • Shipping

    Orders outside of the contiguous United States, (Mexico and Canada) will be charged exact shipping costs

    See our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

  • Dana Owner's Manual


  • Material: Korean PVC
  • Seam Construction: Hot Air Welded
  • Color: White & Grey
  • Number of Air Chambers: 3 + Keel
  • Overall Length: 8'10"
  • Inflatable Keel: Yes
  • Inside Width: 24"
  • Transom Construction: PVC Covered Marine Plywood
  • Inside Length: 69"
  • Floor Material: Alloy Framed Marine Plywood
  • Tube Diameter: 18"
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Robert G.
United States United States

Worth Every Penny!

Haven't had it in the water just yet, but I can see the quality of the build and especially the care in packaging is outstanding. The storage bags are heavy duty and will last. The weight and thickness of the PVC is proof enough that this is a well built boat. This is not a toy! I am extremely pleased this far!

United States United States

A pocket yacht

This inflatable craft is made to superior quality specifications. I am very happy with the easy of assembly, use and comfort of the ride. I've paired my with a 2.5hp gas motor and this overall package has been excellent! I also use a standard electric pump for paddleboards to inflatable and deflate the vessel.

Newport Vessels Newport Dana Inflatable Boat - 8ft Marine Wood Floor Review
Leon M.
United States United States


Haven't opened the box yet. Still to cold to use it. Hopefully everything works out

United States United States

Nice boat

Big 18 inch tubes make the boat stable. 3 people can sit on 1 side and it doesn't tilt. Mounting the motor is easy, as was mounting the wheels. The seat bag accessory and anchor are great. It will go 23 MPH with my 210 lb self + 6 gallons and about 100 lbs of stuff. It's safer than any small boat in rough water because it rides on top of big waves. The first time I used it we had 3+ footers. It can really carry over 1000 lbs, as its rated. The floor is hard to install, the trick is deflating the boat even more so the sides move out of the way. The floor and one side were stuck together for 6 inches near the front making the first time floor installation difficult. My old 9.9 motor won't put the boat up on a plane unless I move forward. So I am getting a delta shaped hydrofoil for the cavitation plate. I don't like that the drain can't be plugged from inside and some water leaks in that hole when the plug is removed. At top speed there is light misting coming over the front (this will be a feature in the heat of summer!). The only things Newport really needs to redesign fix: There needs to be some way to stop the seats from sliding forward and backwards and the plastic caps at the ends of the aluminum floor stringers came not have come off as two have.

Douglas A.
United States United States

4 Star Boat

Good, not perfect. First time set up was not easy because a strip of about 12 inches of the bottom of the port side tube near the front was stuck to the floor, making it very difficult to center the floorboards. I slowly pulled it apart with an oar. I have a 10 HP two stroke which I've used on other boats. This is the first time this short shaft (15") motor has had trouble getting a small boat up on a plane and loading the gas can in the front doesn't solve the problem. I have to move towards the front of the boat to get it to plane. Also not liking the fact the seats slide out of their mounts.