1.8 HP


+5 MPH


63 MI



Li-Ion or AMG



Max Range




With the NK180, Newport brings you the next generation of Kayak Fishing. Super quiet, highly efficient, and incredible powerful, the NK180 Kayak Motor will get you there, faster.

Kayak Anglers

Developed Specifically for Kayak Anglers to stay out longer, get there faster, and catch more fish on fresh or saltwater. This brushless kayak motor offers excellent efficiency and extremely low noise with a direct drive design that allows you to sneak up on fish.

Key Features

Flexible Power

No Proprietary Battery Required; withs with Lithium or AMG Batteries

Extended Range

This kayak motor will greatly increase the effective range of any angler on a given day.

Intuitive Operation

Regardless of your level of experience, the NK180 offers an efficient, powerful motor in a durable package


Steering cables can be set up to turn the motor like a rudder using your kayak's OEM mounted foot braces, or can be locked in a forward drive position for use on SUPs and inflatable kayaks


Brushless Technology that Exceeds 5 MPH


Low-Noise, Direct Drive Design

The Specs // At A Glance

  • Low-Noise, Direct Drive Design
  • Equivalent to a 1.8hp
  • Trim adjustment
  • Three Steering Cable Setup Options
  • Four-bolt aluminum mount (direct attachment to PowerPole mount)
  • Brushless Technology that Exceeds 5 MPH
  • Integrated rudder steering
  • Stow/deploy motor with the pull of a cord
  • No Steering - Motor used for forward and reverse only
  • Cable routing goes through the stern of the kayak
  • No Proprietary Battery Required; Works with Lithium or AGM Batteries
  • Brushless Technology that Exceeds 5 MPH
  • Low-Noise, Direct Drive Design
  • Developed Specifically for Kayak Anglers
  • Range

    20% Throttle = 32.2 Hours = 63.91 Miles
    40% Throttle = 10.0 Hours = 33.5 Miles

    60% Throttle = 5.2 Hours = 21.53 Miles

    80% Throttle = 3.2 Hours = 15.77 Miles

    100% Throttle = 2.25 Hours = 12.16 Miles
    * Run time shown is estimated with a 50AH lithium battery at 90% discharge. Increasing size of the battery to 1000AH will double the time and rane estimates.

  • What's In The Box?

    -1.8hp Equivalent Motor Unit
    -Four Bolt Aluminum Mount
    -Digital Speed Controller w/ Display
    -Steering Triangle
    -Height Adjustment Clamp
    -Reverse Cable Handle
    -Motor Lift Cable Handle
    -Emergency Stop Key
    -Motor Lift Arm
    -2x Carabiner
    -2x S Biner
    -Nylon Cord Kit
    -Braided Stainless Steering Cable Kit (may not be compatible w/ every brand of kayak)
    -Installation Kit (hardware included, additional hardware may be necessary depending on your exact make/model of kayak)

  • Warranty & Return Policy

    NK180 Electric Kayak Motor Warranty:

    Two Year Limited Warranty - (Warranty is non-transferable)
    See warranty page for more details.



  • No Proprietary Battery Required
  • Works with Lithium or AGM Batteries
  • Wiring: 1- 24v Deep Cycle or 2 - 12v Deep Cycle wired in series for 24V 30Ah or above with a minimum continuous output rating of 30 amps
  • Battery Types: Lithium, Flooded, Gel, or AGM deep-cycle batteries