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Inflatable Boat Parts

Every once in a while, every vessel needs some work. Whether you’re replacing older parts that are getting worn down or want to be prepared in case of a breakdown, you’ll find the inflatable fishing boat and dinghy parts you need at Newport. From full replacement floors to new hoses and valves, you can be sure your vessel is adventure ready with our top-quality inflatable boat parts.

Collapsible Boat Oar Pair (Set of 2)
Regular price $50.00
Inflatable Boat Repair Kit
Regular price $24.95
1-Part PVC Inflatable Boat Glue
Regular price $12.95
Drain Plug Fits All NV Boats
Regular price $14.95
Foot Pump
Regular price $39.00
Inflatable Boat Valve Replacement Kit
Regular price $19.95
Replacement Floorboard Stringer Set
Oar Lock Cap
Regular price $12.95

Be Prepared on the Water

No one goes out expecting they will need to repair their inflatable boat, but it’s important to have the parts available just in case. To be sure you’re ready for every possibility, and for extra peace of mind on every excursion, stow one of Newport’s inflatable boat repair kits and some extra inflatable PVC boat glue on your vessel. For extra safety out on the water, grab a set of our collapsible oars to make sure you won’t be left adrift if your motor or battery is damaged.