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Forget the traditional gas-powered outboard, the way forward is electric with a motor so clean and light, you can skip the line at the pump and the boat ramp. No fossil fuels. No leaks. No maintenance. No noise. Just you, the water and the fish.

Newport. The way forward is electric.

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Newport NK180PRO - Electric Kayak Outboard Motor
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Newport NK300 - 3HP Electric Kayak Motor
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Newport NT300 - 3hp Electric Outboard Motor
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NT300 best outboard on the market!

I recently purchased the NT300 and couldn't be more pleased. The ease of install is out of this world! It far exceeded my expectations for speed. Fantastic product and amazing service. I will certainly be purchasing another motor from Newport!

Ryan V.
NK180PRO stellar motor

Took it out for the third time tonight and I am thoroughly impressed with its performance! Hitting about 5.3 mph in my native slayer max 12.5. Opens up new fishing possibilities that were limited to how far I wanted to pedal before. Newport is a class act company as well!

NK300 is the ultimate upgrade.

Always wanted to cover more distance on the water with my kayak. With the NK300 that is now possible.

Austin T.
36V 40AH Lithium Battery dependable smart power!

The Bluetooth connected battery tells me in real-time my usage and remaining range. No reason to have battery/range anxiety with the Newport battery app. More enjoyable time on the water with less worry!

NV Series makes fishing easier

Using it on salt water areas. Easy to assemble. I like the the green power lights, so you know how much juice is left in the battery. This motor gave us all the power we needed to maneuver and around and stay where we wanted to fish.

Patrick C

Newport Inflatable Boat, tremendous!

This inflatable is not to be surpassed. Excellent quality materials and construction, and the (18") diam. tubes are clearly the most stable without exception!

Nice work, Newport, I'll definitely be back!

Jim N.

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