Accessories For Trolling Motors

Big or small, Newport has the accessories needed to optimize the performance of your electric trolling motor, fishing vessel, battery and more. Adventure with confidence by adding a smart battery charger, waterproof circuit breaker or a smart battery box, and stay put when you find your prime fishing spot with a mushroom or grapnel anchor. Newport has all these accessories and more, all designed to help you get the best out of your trolling motor and the rest of your fishing gear.

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Newport Smart Battery Box 12V
Regular price $79.00
Newport Transom Motor Mount
Regular price $99.99
Newport Tiller Extension Handle
Newport Battery Quick Disconnect
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Newport Smart Battery Charger 12V
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Newport Cable Extension Kit
Newport Mushroom Anchor
Newport Folding Grapnel Kayak Anchor 4lb
Regular price $32.95
Trolling Motor Propeller 3 Blade
Regular price $34.95