How to wire a 12v battery to the Smart Battery Box

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How to install a 12v Battery into a Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box

It's quick and easy.

The Smart Battery Box is a complete all-in-one battery storage container and charging station for USB devices and 12 DC port accessories. It is compatible with Group 24 and Group 27 lead-acid, deep cycle marine 12V batteries. The maximum size battery that will fit in the internal space of the box is 13.75” (L) x 7.5” (W) x 10” (H). 

The Smart Battery Box has preinstalled 6-inch length positive (red) and negative (black) cables that are conveniently placed under the lid to connect directly to the battery terminals. 

The ring terminal connectors are designed to be used with all styles of battery terminals: Nut and Bolt or a threaded insert stud. 

Depending on the group size of your battery, there might be extra space in the box interior compartment; use nonconductive material such as styrofoam to fill any empty space. Filling the empty space will inhibit the battery from sliding or moving inside the box. Note: Do not store loose items inside the battery box when a battery is installed. 

Once a battery is secured in the Smart Battery Box, fasten the positive (red) and negative (black) wires from the underside of the lid to the battery terminals and tighten fully using the appropriate tools. Test the connection for correct tension by grabbing the wire connection to the battery terminal and try sliding it side to side. If the wire connection slides, the connection needs to be tighter, the connection will be tight when the wire does not move. 

WARNING: A loose battery connection will increase the chance of electrical resistance which leads to excess heat build-up in the battery and wires and leads to larger issues with the battery performance. 

Once a battery is installed into the Smart Battery Box, the “TEST” button on the top of the lid will show the battery voltage reading. Use the battery LED meter to estimate the run time left when the battery is connected to a trolling motor or other accessories. 

The USB has to be activated after an accessory device is attached to the Smart Battery Box USB port. Simply push and release the yellow “TEST” button to activate the USB port. The battery LED meter will show battery voltage when the yellow “TEST” button is pressed and held for at least 3 seconds. Once released, there will only be one blue LED light flashing showing that the battery box is receiving power.   

The Smart Battery Box is rated to carry a maximum weight of 77lbs (35kg). Anytime the box needs to be moved, ensure the fastening strap is securely fastened. The grab handle on the top of the box is great to use for transporting the box. However, it is best to carry the Smart Battery Box by the two exterior grab handles on the side of the box when it is more heavily loaded. 

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