Inflatable Boat: Transporting An Inflatable Boat

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Inflatable boats are extremely popular among boat lovers and sailing enthusiasts because they are versatile, durable, and remarkably portable. With the ability to be folded to less than half its size, you can bring them anywhere using whatever works best for you!

If you plan to transport your dinghy while it is inflated, you can transport it either by trailer or the roof rack on your car (if applicable). If you plan to use a trailer, small ones like the Harbor Freight trailer are a great option. Small and heavy-duty, this trailer comes with a corrosion resistant enamel finish and leaf spring suspension that can handle up to 1,090lbs. With the Harbor Freight trailer, you can enjoy your adventure and expect great performance while transporting your dinghy without breaking the bank. If using a trailer isn’t an option and you want to save some money, the roof rack might be the best choice for you. When using a roof rack, it is important to consider the best way to secure your inflatable boat. Some ropes are abrasive and can damage the PVC material, especially if there is sand or dirt on the rope. Using a towel, cloth or flat straps where it comes in contact with the dinghy, can help reduce the abrasive effects while ensuring a secure transportation method. If you are traveling on the highway or freeway, deflating the keel on your dinghy will help reduce the amount of drag the boat produces and decrease any issues while transporting your inflatable boat.

When the inflatable boat is deflated, you can easily fold or roll it up tightly to fit inside the trunk, back seat or even the roof mounted cargo carrier on your car. This means it will take extra time to inflate, assemble, deflate and roll up, but it makes the boat extremely portable. This makes the inflatable dinghy extremely convenient for use in short or long trips! With the inflatable boat rolled up, it is easier to secure and ensure it is safe while traveling. This compatibility also enables you to save space for the other items on your trip without having to pick and choose what to bring.

Due to their portability, it’s no wonder inflatable boats are more popular than ever. Not only because of their ease of transport, but also due to their versatility for different applications and needs. Recreational purposes like water skiing and fishing, transportation, roundabouts, or simply enjoying the nature are a few of the many applications an inflatable dinghy can be used for.

Portability, versatility, and the simplicity of use make an inflatable boat a cost-effective option and a great investment. Where traditional boats are costly to maintain, store and transport, inflatable boats on the other hand are inexpensive. If you don’t have space or money for a trailer and storage, an inflatable boat is a great alternative! A lower purchase price and very little maintenance cost puts little stress on your budget and allows you to keep your hobbies. Fishing, diving, research, and travel are all possible with an inflatable boat!

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