Inflatable Boats: Maintenance and Care

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Caring and Maintaining Your Inflatable Boat

Newport Vessels Inflatable Boats  are one of the most versatile, inexpensive, and easy-to-use vessels in the world today. But we see many times, novice boaters and individuals who are just starting out purchase our boat and neglect to do the research to learn how to properly care for their inflatable boat. At Newport Vessels, we highly encourage every customer to do online research, read real-world user reviews, boater forum discussions, talk to other fellow boaters, and call us to ask questions before and after purchasing their boat.

Most likely you purchased a Newport Vessels Inflatable Boat, because of it's reputation, attractive design, affordable price, and product quality. Now, let's learn more about how to care for your inflatable boat.

First, all Newport Vessels Inflatable Boats are made of triple layered Korean PVC Material for rugged durability. By nature, this material is lightweight and very affordable. It can be easily folded many times over and yet strong enough to keep it's original material integrity. The PVC material that is used in these inflatable boats consist of intricately woven threads that are measured in "Denier". Higher Denier indicates a stronger thread.

All this is great so far, right? But you may be wondering "where's the catch?". There is no catch as long as you respect the chemical nature of PVC and keep your inflatable boat away from direct sunlight and high temperature when not in use. By nature, PVC material is sensitive to high temperature environments. This is not only true for Newport Vessels Inflatable Boats but it's true for all PVC material products from every other manufacturer. 

Good maintenance and care habits include storing your Dinghy Boat in the shade and indoors in a moderate temperature environment. Ideally, the user should keep the boat partially deflated, but it is not a mandatory requirement. If outdoor storage is required, it is best to cover the boat and keep it under a shading hard roof or awning.

By developing good maintenance and care habits, your Newport Vessels Inflatable Boat  should last for many many years.

Happy Boating!

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