Inflatable Boats: Why Are Dinghy Boats So Versatile?

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Dinghies are one of the most versatile boats

Rubber boats are a common site at nearly every port or harbor, but you can’t ignore the fact that these inflatable boats  have become increasingly popular over the past years. And the surge in popularity is due to several factors -- and being highly versatile is one of them!

We know that people can use rubber boats  for all sorts of things, but what makes them perform in nearly any conditions? While reading this, you’ve probably thought of a few reasons already… Whether you are thinking of utilizing them for utility or recreation, Newport Vessels offers the latest in manufacturing technology, quality and riding comfort, giving you more reasons to leave the mothership, seek more adventures, and go further!


1. Inflatable boats can handle any type of water: 

Whatever adventure you’re up to, count us in! From trout fishing rivers to offshore dinghy fishing to liveaboard sailing, Newport Vessels’ dinghies can survive all types of weather and can endure almost all water conditions! They are also designed to handle any type of water -- from shallow saltwater flats to lakes, rivers, and even the roughest of ocean swells! They are maneuverable and nearly unsinkable, durable enough to withstand anything you throw at them.

For any sailor or sportsman who depends on their equipment to keep them safe on the water, Newport Vessels built with safety in mind. Every boat from Newport Vessels is made with premium German and Korean materials and has a performance inspired design for tackling any water condition, making your adventure all the more exciting!

2. Dinghies can inflate and deflate to fit into small storage areas: 

One of the best advantages of owning an inflatable boat is that you can carry it wherever you go! Aside from it being portable, Newport Vessels dinghies are also easy to set up! You can inflate it whenever you want to, and deflate it whenever you need to. Once deflated, they are compact and small, allowing you to fold or roll them up to make them fit nicely into a small storage like your large carry bag or backpack, without taking up much space. If you’re someone who goes crazy over clutter and bulky things, you’ll surely never experience displeasure with our compact, easy-to-use, space-saving inflatable dinghy boats!

3. Rubber boats do not damage other boats if tied up next to them: 

Mooring the boat securely is one of the important skills a boater should possess. If the boats are not properly anchored or tied to the dock, this can cause major damages -- not only to your own boat, but also to other boats tied around it as well.

What’s good about inflatable boats is that they can be tied against a ship without having to worry about scratches and marks, or getting into unnecessary troubles for damaging other boats anchored near them. Newport Vessels dinghies are undeniably durable, yet light and soft, making it perfectly safe to “park” them near ships and other boats; hence, saving you from a lot of fiberglass repairs and expensive headaches!

4. Inflatable dinghies can be stored in a closet, trunk, or any small storage space: 

Another top reason for owning an inflatable is that it becomes small in size when it is deflated and folded. This would come very handy for those who have tiny storage areas -- a small closet or even in the trunk of your car -- without getting in the way. One perfect example is the Newport Vessels Dana. The Dana inflatable boat is exceptionally small, lightweight, and super portable, making it very easy for anyone -- yes, anyone! -- to crank it up and carry it around. This is just one reason why our Danas have become a crowd favorite among dinghy enthusiasts!

5. Zodiac boats are used in the most hostile and dangerous sea environments: 

With the growing and evolving market for inflatable boats, the ever-reliable Zodiac boat can always keep up with our expanding needs and requirements, whatever the sea situation! Zodiac boats have served a variety of militiaries, this is why consumers consider them the standard for RIBs and inflatable boats, and the most seaworthy craft of their size.

All our products are specifically designed to be tough, durable and long lasting, so they are safe enough to perform in rough water as expected -- even in the most hostile and dangerous sea environments! Newport Vessels inflatable boats are designed to be nearly impossible to tip over due to their oversized 18 inch tubes which create a highly stable boat. Conquering the white river rapids now comes easy, so what are you waiting for? Listen to the sound of the waves within you and take on another adventure of a lifetime!

6. Inflatable boats are less expensive to store and transport than a fiberglass boat: 

You may have heard the trope, the two best days of a man’s life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it, well with an inflatable boat, this isn’t the case. Dinghies are lightweight and portable, which makes carrying an easy task and storage not so big a deal. Unlike fiberglass boats or RIBs which are not easily storable. These are also fragile, which necessitates a safer and bigger storage space, significantly increasing cost of ownership.

Aside from being more affordable, dinghies are extremely convenient and more economical to transport, since you won’t have to deal with expensive roof racks or a dedicated trailer. Since it is lighter, you also won’t need a big tow vehicle, or oversized outboard, saving you money on gas and maintenance.

While fiberglass boats are very difficult to transport and costly to travel with, dinghies are great travel companion. Whether on a weekend getaway or your next vacation, an inflatable boat allows you access to the water without the hassle. All the more reason why a dinghy is a better choice than a traditional fiberglass boat!

7. Inflatable boats are also less expensive to maintain than a hard boat: 

Rubber boats, unlike hard boats, are cheaper to maintain. All you need is soap and water to keep it clean, occasional anti-mildew treatment, and a quality fitted cover for protection against damaging UV exposure, salt water, accumulated dirt and bird droppings. These modest costs, over time, will be repaid by extending the life and increasing the resale value of your boat.

Since Newport Vessels inflatables are portable, it’s easy to bring them home to have them washed, repaired, and stored; thus, extending its useful life. When properly maintained, our dinghy boats can last a decade!

8. Rubber boats make great dinghies for sailboats and larger watercraft: 

Not only are Newport Vessels dinghy boats great for water sports activities, but they also make great dinghies or lifeboats for bigger sailboats and larger watercraft.

They are great tender boats for sailboats or powerboats alike. Of course, not to forget their outstanding stability, you can stand on it while fishing, while giving grocery bags aboard or even loading off small children. Newport Vessels are unrivaled when it comes to safety, stability and reliability as compared to the toughest competition like Achilles, Avon, or Zodiac boats.

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