NK180PRO On-The-Water Review

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NK180PRO - 100% Built to Withstand Saltwater Environments

Newport put the NK180PRO through the most rigorous testing program possible, to ensure we were delivering a product that met the demands of hardcore adventure anglers.  This meant testing the updated design in fresh water, salt water, sludge, vegetation and more.  You name it, this motor will hang with you until you're completely sunburnt, tired and fished out.  

Before we released this new industry benchmark in electric kayak outboard motors, we linked up with our friends over at BD Outdoors for a full day of serious saltwater use. Here's a full product review from that day in the salt.  We cover what sets NK180PRO apart from it's predecessor, and some of the features that make this motor 100% built for the salt.

La Jolla, CA is an ideal testbed for saltwater use! This fishery embodies the essence of hardcore saltwater kayak fishing.  All the elements are there: a surf launch that's sure to test the corrosion resistance and waterproofness of your gear, long runs to distant fishing spots, thick marine vegetation and A LOT of constant run time.

We were impressed with how the motor performed in this setting, and we found that in the "big pond" our enhanced features really had a chance to shine: 

P - Performance Redefined: We used the 16% increase in speed and acceleration to cover 12+ miles against ocean currents, wind and chop and the motor performed flawlessly.

R - Revamped Silence: The 25% quieter motor allowed us to run right up into the frenzy zone, where calico bass were feeding on anchovies, and pitch a bait right into the bite zone to connect with quality bass.

O - Optimized Efficiency: The 25% increased efficiency of this motor got us back to the beach with over 55% battery life to spare!