How to Find the Right Bimini Cover for your Boat

Biminis are an excellent add-on that look great, add shade, reduces the sun’s impact on your vision, and allows you to spend more time on the water. However, it is very important to find the right cover that will fit your boat and shade the desired area.

Measurements are the key to finding the right bimini cover. The first dimension to consider is the desired length of your bimini. You will need to find the center of where you will attach the cover to see what part of the boat it will actually provide shade for. A cover that measures 8-feet in length installed in the center of the boat will give you 4 feet of coverage in either direction. 

Next, you will want to stand inside the boat and measure from the top of the tube to the desired height to decide how tall you want your cover to be. Note that most people will want to be able to stand under the cover requiring at least 54 inches from the top of the tubes.

Then, determine the width of the cover by measuring the distance of the built-in D Rings on your tubes from each side of the boat. Please note some bimini cover companies sell attachment kits that can be used to secure their bimini on our boat. If these pieces do not include glue we recommend a Two-Part PVC Adhesive to ensure proper adhesion. If the cover is not compatible with the preinstalled D Rings that come with your Newport Inflatable Boat or the cover requires additional pieces, you can purchase two of our Ribports and a pair of bimini/clevis mounts that will do the job. 

Customers are responsible for taking their own measurements before ordering to ensure the bimini fits.

Now that you have all these measurements you can select custom or premade bimini covers. Custom bimini tops will cost more money and may take more time to receive the final product but will fit exactly to your boat. You can reach out to a local company that makes these for a quote. Premade covers are generally less expensive and can be found on many online sites. We recommend choosing the bimini with the longest warranties to ensure you have a quality product. If you are unsure about a company look into their reviews on quality and customer service. 

 Companies we recommend: 

Below are the length and widths of all our boats.  


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