How are the Newport Vessels Trolling Motors waterproofed?

Lower Unit: The entire lower unit of the trolling motor that contains the actual motor, is waterproof. O-rings and seals are used to ensure the lower unit stays water free. Colliding with underwater objects or dropping your motor on a hard surface can compromise this seal. Please treat your motor with care.

Head Control Unit: Please be aware that the top handle and steering unit of the Newport Vessels Trolling Motor is water-resistant, but if submerged it is not waterproof.

The head of a trolling motor is not completely sealed or waterproof for a simple reason, the main component in the head, the Speed Switch creates heat when the motor is in use. This Speed Switch must be air cooled to maintain a safe operating temperature and thus the top control box cannot be completely sealed to maintain air cooling. 

The control box of the motor is built with a clam shell design. This means that the top of the motor where the LED meter and the lower half of the head of the motor have a lip that should keep most water from entering the motor. This protect the motor from light rain and splashes. However, leaving any trolling motor in heavy rain long term will eventually lead to water entering the motor in the form of a rain drops or condensation from high humidity. It is for this reason we recommend storing trolling motors out of the rain and away from the high humidity levels near standing water.

Why Can't I Leave My Trolling Motor On My Boat?

Think of boats which are left on the water. They regularly need to be maintained, cleaned and repainted as the corrosive elements of water, oxygen, and salts break down the paint and other components. The same can be said for trolling motors. Saltwater compatible means we use marine grade tin coated coper wire, sacrificial anodes, and special marine paint to protect the metal on the motor. However, over time any motor will eventually be degraded by saltwater.

It is best to maintain your motor by storing it inside after rinsing it off with fresh water!  We hope you can get back out on the water soon!