18", 24", or 32"


Carbon Fiber





Tiller Extension Handle 1

Tiller Extension Handle 2

Tiller Extension Handle 3

Tiller Extension Handle 4



The Newport Tiller Extension Handle is compatible with most outboard motors, including the Newport NT300 and Newport's entire line of trolling motors. The Tiller Extension handle can be easily attached to the existing tiller handle, providing boaters with an extended reach that allows for more comfortable and efficient operation. The Newport Tiller Extension handle is especially useful for boaters who want to improve their control while seated or standing, and it can help reduce fatigue and strain on the hands and arms.

Extend Your Control

The Tiller Extension Handle is available in three lengths 18", 24", and 32". All three handles are comprised of Carbon Fiber wrapped composite shafts to provide a lightweight and durable structure that can withstand harsh marine environments. Whether you're a recreational boater or a professional angler, the Newport Tiller Extension Handle is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to take their boating experience to the next level.

Key Features

Three Sizes

Available in three different lengths (18", 24", 32"), allowing boaters to choose the perfect size for their needs.


Extremely lightweight in design, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

Oversized Tightening Knob

The knob is made of polymer plastic to provide a secure and tight hold of the tiller handle.


Built to withstand harsh marine conditions and is designed to last.

Unbreakable Strength

The Carbon Fiber handles provide unmatched durability on the water.

Comfort in every grip

Ergonomic silicone handles for increased comfort.