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Raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, surrounded by the breathtaking Great Lakes, my childhood was filled with memorable moments spent fishing along the Detroit River and at my grandparents’ cozy cottage in Michigan.As my career in law enforcement approached its conclusion and my children grew older, I sought solace and stress relief through the timeless pastime of fishing. In 2014, I stumbled upon the world of kayak fishing, and it instantly became my passion, offering me a newfound sense of tranquility.I am incredibly fortunate to call Lake St. Clair my neighbor, a renowned haven for smallmouth bass and musky, just a stone’s throw away from my front door.Shortly after embarking on my kayak fishing journey, I delved into tournament fishing, leading me to explore waters across the USA, Canada, Sweden, China, and Australia. I’ve had the privilege of participating in four Hobie Fishing Worlds events, and I eagerly engage in various tournaments, including the Hobie Bass Open Series and local tournament circuits in Michigan and Ontario.This year I'm looking forward to Canada and my home lake, Lake St. Clair hosting Hobie Fishing Worlds 10/11.My enthusiasm extends to outfitting kayaks, and I’ve harnessed my knowledge to provide valuable resources through my YouTube channel. I share insights on kayak setups and diverse fishing techniques for various species, aiming to assist fellow anglers in their endeavors.I've taken all this passion and turned it into a business making my own line of kayak accessories, which can be found

Tim Percy

Ontario, Canada

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