Battery Box: Do I Need One For My Trolling Motor?

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If you are a regular fisherman, then you’re probably familiar with a Marine Battery Box or a Battery Power Center. Aside from the obvious reasons, such as storage and protection, what good does a marine battery box do for my trolling motor battery? Is it really worth the investment?

Aside from being in compliance with the American Boat Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards, a marine battery box prevents damage to your battery, while keeping you and your crew safe from electrical shocks.


A marine battery box is intended to keep a trolling motor battery enclosed and secured, prolonging the useful life of the battery and protecting it during transport and use.

Exposure to fresh or saltwater can cause corrosion to the trolling motor batteries. To prolong the usable life of your trolling motor battery, a battery box power center can be used to protect the battery from corrosive elements such as water.


The Marine battery box keeps your trolling motor battery dry during operation by preventing rain and seaspray from contacting the battery. A battery box power center, like the Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box for instance, are not fully waterproof, but provide much needed coverage for your battery.. The Smart Battery Box is known to be very effective in protecting your power sources, especially in instances where environmental hazards like rough waves can spray into the boat, soaking all of your gear and electronics. With your trolling motor battery safely stored inside a battery box, you can be confident you won’t end up stranded somewhere in the middle of the lake due to battery failure.

Marine battery boxes prevent the battery terminals from making contact with other metal objects, which can cause short circuits and pose risks to the user. The battery box gives us the assurance that the battery connections are secure by keeping it sealed and exposed; thus, reducing the chances of the passengers getting shocked. Without the battery box, high powered batteries can generate dangerous voltage that may cause electrocution. Furthermore, when batteries are open, the electrolyte it produces is toxic and dangerous when it comes into contact with the skin and eyes.


The Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box is a convenient addition to any boat with two integrated circuit breakers. The 60 amp circuit breaker protects the trolling motor terminals and 10 amp breaker protects the USB and DC12V charging ports for your other boat accessories (like electric pumps and other marine products). The circuit breakers protect your trolling motor by automatically cutting off the power to protect the battery if the current output goes beyond a safe voltage.

The Smart Battery Box from Newport Vessels is equipped with a built-in LED battery meter so the user can check the remaining battery life at the touch of a button. Simply press the test button and you can check the battery charge level of any 12V deep cycle battery. It can also check the status of the USB port to show if it is activated and functioning properly.

If you’re concerned about convenience, using a Marine battery box got you covered -- simply because a battery box, like the Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box, can be easily setup to power your trolling motor! It only requires a little effort since it is easy to mount, and it’s also a good thing that this battery box is designed with a non-slip rubber feet inserts to enable your battery box to stay in its place. So you don’t have to torment yourself thinking about your battery slipping and sliding around, or worse, falling into the water while you power or charge your trolling motor.

The Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box has external charge ports where you can safely connect and charge your boat and fishing accessories. It provides convenient connections without the need to open the box or disconnect anything when charging. With the USB and 12V DC power outlet, it can power your camping lights and charge your smartphones, music players, and other devices in the middle of the lake.

The Newport Vessels Smart Battery box has sturdy straps around the center and a carry handle that makes it easier to lift and transport your trolling motor battery. This durable handle makes your battery box more portable and easy to carry!

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