Battery Quick Disconnect Quick Start

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Battery Quick Disconnect Quick Start

These crush-proof plugs make the Newport system truly convenient and portable.


Setup is Easy; We’ve Eliminated the Need for Electrical Work

Ease of installation and setup is something Newport prides itself on.  If you aren’t handy with electrical work, don’t fret.  This product requires no electrical expertise or special tools - simply use the included tools to connect into the connector hub, and you’ve got a plug and play system for installing and uninstalling your power source to your motor.  Play, pause and rewatch this Quick Start video at your leisure.

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  • Is it possible to get a 3-4’ cable extension, The short lengths are not quite long enough for the NT 300 on my sailboat as the cable needs to run over transom and down into stern compartment where the battery is. I’m using an 8 gauge wire temporarily splice, but would prefer a quick connect extension. Also is there a clip that can hold the Anderson connector in place? I did once accidentally pull the connection apart since the wiring is over transom?


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