Finding The Best Trolling Motor For a Jon Boat

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Jon boats are a very popular form of light watercraft. They have a flat-bottomed hull that makes them excellent utility boats. Their usefulness in shallow water and recreation makes them a great match for trolling motors. These small, electric motors accentuate the benefits of Jon boats. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using trolling motors with Jon boats and which is the best Jon boat motor.

Jon Boat Advantages

Jon boats are primarily popular in the Southern United States. They are very useful in shallow waters such as those around the bayou, Ozarks and the Everglades, while they are less suited for rougher waters. Jon boats can easily maneuver over mud and obstacles in the water, these benefits are a big part of why these boats are so popular for light utility applications.

Additionally, Jon boats glide over the water hardly disturbing the surface, maing them great for activities such as hunting and fishing. Their maneuverability in shallow waters adds to their usefulness for recreation. If you need to get to your favorite hunting or fishing spot, a Jon boat can get you there.

Using an Electric Trolling Motor for a Jon Boat

The above benefits of Jon boats are further accentuated by trolling motors. These light, electric motors are ideal for quiet movement in shallow water. Unlike gas-powered motors, electric trolling motors make almost no noise, so they won’t disturb fish in the water.

Similarly, a trolling motor for a Jon boat won’t frighten animals. This makes it a great method of propulsion for hunting, bird watching or any other activity that requires close proximity. These light and versatile motors also work well for tight maneuvering, so if you aren’t looking for outright speed, trolling motors are the perfect motor for your Jon boat.

Newport Vessels’ Mossy Oak Camouflaged Trolling Motor

Our 55lb thrust Camouflage Series motor in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blade camo is the perfect trolling motor for a Jon boat. This series features all the advantages of Newport Vessels motors that our customers know and love with the addition of the Shadow Grass Blade camouflage, making it excellent for waterfowl hunting. These are a few of the reasons to choose our Mossy Oak Series for your Jon boat:

  • Smooth, Quiet Propulsion: All Newport Vessels trolling motors provide just the right amount of thrust combined with extremely quiet operation. This makes them perfect for gliding silently through the water.
  • Confident Thrust: This 55lb thrust model has just the right amount of power. It can confidently propel a Jon boat while still being easy to maneuver.
  • Highly-Maneuverable: Whether you’re moving around submerged obstacles, trying to get close to some game or getting to that perfect fishing spot, your Newport Vessels trolling motor can get you there. The 36-inch shaft, telescoping and tiltable handle, and flexible mount make getting around easy.
  • Double: Our trolling motors are built from robust materials including a strong, fiberglass shaft. You can be confident this trolling motor will be up for anything you can throw at it.
  • Camouflaged Exterior: The Mossy Oak Series features a camouflaged exterior. This helps the motor blend in with the environment, making it perfect for getting close to any animal without being noticed. If you are hunting or just watching nature, this is the motor you need.
  • Saltwater Ready: All Newport Vessels electric motors are ready for use in saltwater. This is great for brackish waters, estuaries or if you ever want to take your boat on the ocean or any other water body. You now have the confidence knowing your Newport Vessels motor is up to the task.

There are so many reasons to love the 55lb thrust Mossy Oak Series trolling motor from Newport Vessels. If you are looking for a great trolling motor for a Jon boat, you’ve found it.

Other Newport Vessels Trolling Motors

In addition to the Mossy Oak Series motor, Newport Vessels has trolling motors designed for dinghies, kayaks, yacht tenders, pontoon boats and more. With our flexible transom mount, these motors will attach easily to any number of vessels.

All Newport Vessels trolling motors feature electric motors that can work in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Each series has its own benefits. For example, the Kayak series motors have shorter shafts for the low hulls of kayaks. Similarly, the X Series has a more flexible control head for more customizability.

Get Your Electric Trolling Motor for a Jon Boat

Find the ideal Jon boat motor today. With Newport Vessels’ camouflaged trolling motor, you will be ready to get the best possible experience from your watercraft. It is great for hunting, fishing and any other recreation. It can also be helpful for tight maneuvering for other utility Jon boat uses. It is the ultimate motor for every common Jon boat use and need.

Explore the full Newport Vessels trolling motor catalog today. From the best selling NV Series to the tried and true L Series, no matter what your needs are, you can be sure you will find the right model. Check out Newport Vessels today and find the right trolling motor for your Jon boat or other type of vessel today.

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