Inflatable Boats: Air Leaks From Fabric

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Understanding PVC Fabric and Repairing It

Although Newport Vessels  Inflatable Boats  and dinghies are made with a triple layer of durable Korean PVC fabric and strong German Import Adhesive, sometimes users may encounter a puncture air leak in the main fabric. Whether caused by misuse or accident, the very simple and quick repair procedure below can be used to permanently fix the leak. Main materials needed in this procedure are a spray bottle of soapy water, Newport Vessels 

1.  Inflate your boat and use soapy water to identify the problem area. When soapy water is applied to the source of the leak, it will create bubbles. Once found, mark the area and deflate your inflatable.

2.  Wipe over the leak area and the repair patch from the Newport Vessels Inflatable Boat Basic Repair Kit with a PVC Solvent or MEK Substitute.

3.  Next, cut an appropriately sized patch. An appropriate size is 2 inches in every direction of the hole.

4.  Then, using the newly cut patch as a stencil, trace around your hole with a pencil.

5.  Spread a thin, even layer of the German Import Adhesive from the Newport Vessels Inflatable Boat Basic Repair Kit onto both the patch and the within the traced area on the boat. This is your priming layer. Leave this for 30 minutes to cure.

6.  Next, apply a second coat of adhesive on both the boat and patch and leave for 10 minutes.

7.  Then, apply a final coat to both surfaces and allow to cure for 2-3 minutes.

8.  Finally, apply the patch by rolling it on from one side to the other. Take care to insure that no air bubbles are trapped between the patch and the boat. Make sure the layers of adhesive bind together evenly by patting the area down. Allow to cure for at least 24 hours.

Your boat should be permanently repaired and ready for action!

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