Trolling Motors: Battery Selection

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Choosing a Trolling Motor Battery

One of the most common questions that we at Newport Vessels get asked is "which battery do I need to buy for my Newport Vessels trolling motor

Our Electric Trolling Motors require 12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries. From our lab tests, all battery brands we tested worked great so there are none we recommend over the other as long as they are major name brands. But what you really want to look out for is Amp Hour (AH) specification for the correct runtime you require from the battery. We ran some tests on 50 AH battery out of the water, at continuous highest speed setting and just let it run. We compiled the run time with these batteries into a chart for easy comparison. Click on the chart to get a better view and additional information.

Some high quality 12 Volt batteries include models manufactured by VMax, Chrome Battery, and Mighty Max shown below:

These major brands manufacture a variety of Amp Hour rated 12 Volt Batteries, so you'll need to determine how many Amp Hours you'll need for your specific application. 

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