Inflatable Boats: Why does my dinghy have multiple air tubes?

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Whether you already own a dinghy or are planning on acquiring one, it is beyond question that the safety of you and your passengers should always be of top priority. Dinghy design has come a long way since the early days of inflatable boats. Multiple independent air chambers are one of these advances which make inflatable boats the most seaworthy craft of their size.

  • Multiple air chambers increase the safety of users
  • Baffles allow air pressure to equalize across a punctured tube, keeping the dinghy afloat
  • Multiple air chambers allows for more dynamic shaped inflatable boats


It all boils down to safety. With multiple air chambers, you don’t have to worry that the boat might sink because of one puncture. Each air chamber is separated by a baffle that extends into the next tube, if the pressure drops in one tube, the adjacent tube will drop from 3.6psi in each tube and equalize at 1.8psi in each remaining tube. This means that if one tube fails, the second tube will simply step up and equalize pressure.

Of course, to be able to benefit from the multiple air chamber dinghies, it is crucial that the material of tubes are durable and reliable. Having multiple air chambers is one safe design practice, but having exceptionally durable tubes encasing these air chambers is another. The three-chamber construction and the premium materials used in fabricating the Newport Vessels inflatable boats increase user safety and on-the-water performance. Designed with extra huge 18” tubes, these inflatable boats are very stable and maneuverable.

Lastly, dinghies are designed with multiple air chambers because they allow the boats to have different shapes. In most dinghies, there are three chambers which make up the main hull: two side tubes, and a separate bow tube. In addition to this, higher quality boats will include an inflatable keel, this creates a V-shape bottom that helps improve its directional stability and tracking, and allows the inflatable boat to quickly get on plane.

Hopefully this article has increased your peace of mind during your next trip on the water. When it comes to choosing an inflatable boat, always opt for one that offers durability with premium materials, safety with multiple air chambers, and a reliable manufacturer. 

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