Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Series: What's The Difference?

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In this article, we take a look at the different series of electric trolling motors that we offer, what the similarities and differences are, and what would work best for your personal situation.

Trolling Motor Overview

All Newport Vessels trolling motors are electric, can be used in both saltwater and freshwater applications, and come with a two-year limited warranty. This type of motor is most associated with trolling, a type of fishing that is the category’s namesake. These motors are also used as auxiliary propulsion for fishing boats. However, trolling motors can be used for a variety of purposes.

Our motors use a transom-mount, a type of mount originally designed to fit on a boat’s transom, the top-middle of the stern. However, this flexible mount type actually can fit on a variety of boat types including kayaks and canoes and in a number of configurations.

Each motor has eight speeds, five forward and three reverse, giving you maximum control of your vessel. Whether you need a motor for an inflatable boat, kayak, yacht tender or any other light craft application, Newport Vessels has an electric motor for you. Read on to learn more about the specifics of each of our electric trolling motors.

NV Series Electric Trolling Motors

The NV Series motors are the newest generation offered by Newport Vessels. They were designed based on all the feedback we got for our much-loved L Series. It is also our broadest series to date with options ranging from a 36lb-thrust to an 86lb-thrust trolling motor.

Some of the new features with the NV Series include a redesigned control box that is easier to use and an easy to read five point battery meter. All NV Series motors feature a telescoping handle, so you can easily find a comfortable position. The large trolling motor options in the NV Series have a 36-inch adjustable shaft and the small trolling motor options have a 30-inch shaft.

Like our original L Series, each NV Series model is a freshwater and saltwater trolling motor. They are designed to stand up to ocean use but work just as well on other bodies of water. Every component is resistant to saltwater, so you can be confident these motors will handle the ocean with ease.

These motors are ideal for use on inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes, rowboats, bass boats, jon boats and skiffs. Each electric trolling motor in the series has a different amount of thrust. For example, the 55lb thrust trolling motor is ideal for handling 12- to 16-foot watercraft, while the 86lb thrust trolling motor is best for boats 16 feet and larger.

Kayak Series Trolling Motors

The Kayak Series is an update on our NV Series, specially designed for use on kayaks. Many fishers like to use kayaks as gentle, subtle forms of transportation with the ability to get to spots that traditional boats cannot. So, a kayak trolling motor is ideal for quiet movement and as a backup to paddling.

This series keeps the battery display and control upgrades from the NV Series but each model is better sized to be a trolling motor for a kayak. The adjustable shafts are only 24 inches at maximum extension and can be made shorter. This is ideal for use in a low boat such as a kayak that is often used to access shallow water, where larger boats can’t go.

We currently have two models, one with a 36lbs of thrust and one with 55lbs. Like the NV Series, the handle is telescoping for maximum comfort. The Kayak Series uses our nylon transom-mount which works equally well as a kayak trolling motor mount.

Mounting a trolling motor to a kayak is a great way to expand its utility. With a variety of mounts on the market, it’s possible to mount this motor onto almost any kayak. It is, of course, helpful for fishing but can also be a valuable backup propulsion option for long-distance and saltwater kayaking.

X Series Adjustable Trolling Motors

Our X Series was designed to give our customer a more versatile trolling motor. This series is all about flexibility. Every boat is a little different, so we made this series as adjustable as possible to offer control and comfort in every situation. This adjustability also makes the X Series great for boats that may be piloted by different people. Simply tilt the head to find a comfortable position.

The X Series trolling motors are available with either 40lbs or 55lbs of thrust. This is our most adjustable electric trolling motor series. The telescoping handle can be tilted up or down 30 degrees. In addition to the 36-inch adjustable shaft, this control handle makes the X Series motors extremely versatile.

Like our other series, each motor in the X Series is a fresh and saltwater trolling motor. You can take these anywhere you want. They work great on any small watercraft such as a jon boat, dinghy or bass boat.

L Series Saltwater Trolling Motors

The L Series saltwater trolling motors are our original series. This tried and true design continued to be the go-to for many boaters. It is very flexible and includes an eight-speed configuration with five speeds forward and three in reverse.

We created this series to be a trolling motor for larger boats typically used in saltwater with it’s long, 40” shaft able to reach the water. All components are resistant to corrosion from saltwater and the white coloring helps hide those pesky salt stains. This design is very durable and can take the abuse of the ocean. Of course, it also works in freshwater settings. This series features our transom-mount and works for pontoon boats, sailboats, bass boats, tenders or dinghies.

While we continue to innovate on this original design, it is hard to deny the reliability and effectiveness of these simple motors. You can be confident that they will keep you gliding through the water no matter what.

Whether you pick our 62lb- or 86lb-thrust motor, we are confident it will be the best saltwater trolling motor you’ve ever used. Both feature a 40-inch shaft. The larger model is a 24v trolling motor and is ideal for boats over 16 feet. The smaller model is a 12v trolling motor and works great for 14- to 16-foot boats.

Pontoon Series Trolling Motors

Our Pontoon Series was designed for calm and relaxing use on pontoon boats, deck boats, swim decks and other flat floating surfaces. Each model in this series is a relatively large trolling motor. The 55-inch shaft, the longest of all our motors, makes this series fit more easily on the rear of a pontoon.

All our other series of motors feature our flexible transom-mount. This motor uses our Pontoon Motor Mount that secures the 55-inch long shaft motor onto any flat surface it is installed onto. Primarily designed to be mounted onto the bow of boats, our pontoon trolling motors also have a stern-mounted configuration. Additionally, the tilting head makes it easier to find a comfortable position whether you are sitting or standing.

Some people use these motors for slow and quiet cruising, a perfect fit for pontoons and recreational fishing. Other people use these motors because more and more lakes have banned traditional outboards, and only allow electric propulsion. Whatever use you have planned for your Pontoon Series model, it will be the best trolling motor for a pontoon boat you’ve ever used.

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