Power Center: Smart Battery Box For Trolling Motors

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The Smart Battery Box Can Improve Your Setup

The Smart Battery Box  by Newport Vessels is now the #1 "Best Seller" in the trolling motor category for Amazon.com. With over 350 five star reviews, this product is proven to be innovative, high quality, and extremely functional. Newport Vessels spent years developing the Smart Battery Box for trolling motor and marine applications by using customer feedback and experiences and it has been proven that we nailed it. 

So far the thousands of Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box users have found great use applications for the product even outside the boating and marine category. The battery box is ideal for small boat and inflatable boat applications, but as mentioned before it's great for anytime a marine battery is used. Checkout the Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box

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  • I have one of these and love it! Unfortunately I lost one of the wing nuts on the terminals and can’t use it to its full potential now. Where can I get replacement wing nuts?

    J Rollins

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