Thinking of Getting an Inflatable Boat?

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Inflatable boats have come a long way from those of the past, and it seems everywhere you go, you can spot them on the waterways. They have become the go-to option for everything from natural resource departments to tourist ventures to weekend fishermen. Have you wondered why these dinghy boats are getting more popular? When you think of the benefits of the latest lightweight vessels, you can see why they are used in both recreational and work settings. Here are just six reasons why inflatable dinghy boats are worth your consideration.


Have you priced a traditional boat lately? Whether you are looking for a pleasure boat such as a pontoon or something speedy, a new vessel could cost tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s without considering the higher end catamarans or yachts. For recreational boaters, that price tag can take a big bite out of your budget. Even businesses recognize the impact the expense of a boat can have on profits. An inflatable dinghy boat, on the other hand, can be had at a fraction of the cost, giving you more discretionary capital to use as needed. On top of the cost of the boat itself are the accessories you may need, and this is another way an inflatable has an advantage. Smaller motors and less equipment for hauling equal less spent to transport and use your boat as you want.


How many times have you seen a small inflatable boat on the water as part of a rescue mission, military maneuver, or law enforcement activity? Hopefully not too often, but they are a popular and safe choice used by these and other government organizations. The design of an inflatable dinghy keeps it upright, even if it takes on water. You have less concern about capsizing or sinking with one of these inflatable wonders. Because they are lightweight, they are also stealthy, which means they can get a rescue crew much faster than other styles of boats. They are safe to use, safe for passengers, and practical for safety missions in general.


Instead of having a boat trailer and a truck to haul it, you can literally fit your inflatable boat in the truck bed itself. These vessels are lightweight, easy to transport, and a breeze to tie up and dock. Compare that to a more traditional kind of boat, which takes up more room. You may need to rent marina or storage space, or you may have your boat and trailer taking over your driveway. An inflatable dinghy boat can be stored in a garage or other small space when not in use. A business could have an entire fleet of dinghies in the space of one traditional fiberglass boat.


Another way that inflatable boats shine is their practicality. They can be used in any type of water, and they make great recreational or work options. They are lightweight, which gives them better fuel efficiency. They are easy to maneuver as well, so you see them more and more not only by law enforcement or government agencies, but also for tourist uses, such as whale watching, snorkeling, and fishing trips. Their shock absorption makes them very comfortable, in fact, which is a plus for tourist, as some passengers may be unaccustomed to the movement of the water. An inflatable dinghy can fit many roles, unlike other types of boats which may only have one or two applications.


If you’ve ever had to put a boat in dry dock for major repairs, you know that taking care of a traditional boat can be time-consuming and expensive. A small inflatable boat is much easier to maintain. A quick wipe-down after use and a boat cover for storing may be all you need to keep it in good shape for years. That means few if any repairs, repainting, or other chores to keep it in good working order. Chances are good that your inflatable dinghy can last for as long as you plan to use it, if not longer.


The stability and size of an inflatable boat give it an impressive load capacity, which is yet another benefit for business and pleasure. Companies and agencies can use their inflatable fleets to transport cargo from larger boats to dock or to stock provisions and equipment as needed. For tourist uses, these boats can safely and comfortably carry multiple passengers. Private boat owners can also appreciate carrying anything they need on board for a day of fishing or trolling.

These are just a handful of benefits that come with an inflatable boat. Before you rule out one of these lightweight beauties, you should look into the specs and compare them to other boats you may be considering. You may surprise yourself when you realize that an inflatable dinghy is the right fit for your boating needs.

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