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With any trolling motor, circuit breakers are an important safety feature to protect both the user, and the motor. When used as directed, they are great preventative tools which can save your trolling motor from electrical surges which quickly ruin componentry. 

Circuit breakers work by cutting off excessive power that is heading toward the trolling motor. A sudden increase in current, above the threshold of what the motor is designed to handle, will likely damage or ruin your motor. The amount of power your motor can handle is usually determined by the max amperage draw and is provided by the manufacturer. This information can be found on our Calculating Trolling Motor Run Time for Newport Vessels trolling motors.

A sudden surge in current is caused by added resistance on the motor or propeller. When the propeller gets tangled in weeds, stuck in rocks, etc. the motor draws more power from the battery in an attempt to turn the propeller to the desired speed. If the increase in electrical current is great enough, it can damage critical electrical components in the motor. Newport Vessels requires a circuit breaker be used in conjunction with our trolling motors.

Different models will require different amperage circuit breakers. Check the Choose Your Motor chart, to see which one we recommend for each motor.