Recommended Batteries for the NK-180S

Battery Options for the NK-180S

Lithium Kayak Motor Battery for the NK-180S.

At Newport Vessels, we realize that not everyone can pay the price of a used economy car to outfit their fishing kayak. That is why the NK-180S kayak motor was designed to bring a high quality brushless motor to the kayak fishing world at an affordable price. The NK-180 is capable of delivering excellent performance with several different battery options, intended to fit any budget.

First it can use an inexpensive 24V lead acid deep cycle battery system, a lithium 24V deep cycle battery, or a higher voltage 25.9V Lithium battery.

Lead Acid or AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

The most affordable battery solution for the NK-180S is achieved by combining two 12v lead acid deep cycle batteries to create a 24v system. Using two 35ah lead acid batteries will give you more than 1 hour of run time at full throttle, for around $125.  

Lithium 24V Deep Cycle System

The second option for powering your NK-180S is to use a 24V lithium deep cycle battery, or two 12V lithium batteries connected in series. Almost any brand of lithium battery will work, provided the battery has enough continuous current to power the motor, at least 30amps is needed. If connecting 2 x 12V lithium batteries in series, we recommend LiFePO4 specifically. If you are pairing a 25.9V lithium battery with the motor, you can use either a LiFePO4 or NCM style. These batteries are much more expensive than an AGM or lead acid, but provide a high quality power source in a small lightweight package.