Trolling Motor Motor Depth(NV, Kayak, X Series, L Series, Pontoon) 

Once you receive your trolling motor and are ready to mount the motor on your vessel's transom, it is important to place the motor at the correct depth for optimal performance. We recommend our trolling motor series (NV, Kayak, X Series, L Series, and Pontoon) to be between 10 - 12 inches below the water line. If the motor is placed too close to the surface of the water and ran in the higher speed settings, then the motor will cause cavitation. Cavitation is the creation of gas bubbles underwater that result from a fast propeller in low-pressure environments. You will know your motor is cavitating if it is splashing or causing air bubbles. To stop the motor from cavitating, simply turn off the motor and adjust the depth of the lower motor using the height adjustment collar. Move the height adjustment collar towards the top of the trolling motor to move the lower motor deeper in the water.

On the other hand, if the motor is placed too deep into the water, the motor will not push the boat properly. The propulsion of the propeller will not feel as strong or reactive. To fix this issue, simply adjust the depth of the motor to be closer to the surface of the water between 10-12 inches of depth. 


NK180 Lower Motor Depth

The NK180 has an overall shaft length of 19.7 inches. Once the motor is installed on the kayak motor mount and the height adjustment collar or steering triangle is in place. We recommend adjusting the height so that the lower motor with the propeller is roughly 6 inches below the water. 6 inches below the water without any obstructions in front of the motor that blocks water flow, is the suggested depth for optimal performance.