Freedom On The Water With Newport

Episode 1

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Freedom On The Water with Newport, Episode 1

Follow along with Howie, from Newport as he tackles a Southern California saltwater tidal fishery for some reel searing bat ray action and fun saltwater bass. How gives tips on how to use the motor to your advantage in heavy current, and how he uses the motor to set up on fishing spots.

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Using a Kayak Outboard Motor in Saltwater Tidal Fisheries

Tidal fisheries are a tricky beast to tame. Fish set up differently, depending on the tide and direction of water movement. One hour too late to a spot, and you might have blown the whole day. Right place at the right time, and you have the opportunity to score big! One thing is for sure, an electric kayak outboard motor can play to your advantage!

How does the motor play into my general strategy?

I use my kayak outboard for two major purposes: 

  1. Point A to point B travel:  I can cover more water, faster, than I can by just using my own human power.  For this reason, I’m not so limited on where I can start my fishing day.  The fact that I can jam to a specific spot, or general area I anticipate to be holding fish, buys me more fishing time.  
  2. Better boat positioning in strong current: Sometimes in tidal fisheries, water is flowing into or out of a lagoon, channel, or canal at more than sever knots (the nautical measure of speed).  Being able to set up within casting distance of a spot, and hold your position by offsetting the current with a constant, low-percentage throttle is a major key to success. I use the motor in this fashion very often. 

Why do I consider the motor a safety measure?

Fatigue and equipment failure are real! Let’s face it, things go wrong from time to time when you’re on the water. We’ve all been there. Break a pedal drive, and you’re stuck paddling. Lose a paddle and you’re dead in the water. The motor acts as a third method of propulsion, and can get you back to your launch when your body is simply out of gas.

What’s my number one, favorite thing about Newport electric kayak motors?

The portability of the entire system, in combination with the performance of the motor, makes more regular off-the-beaten path fishing adventures a reality. The fact that I can reach unpressured waters in a fraction of the time works to my advantage in my busy life. All I need is a few hours to catch some fish, connect with nature, and calm my mind.

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