Download the All-New Newport Battery App

Key Features

Real TimeBattery Status

VoltageRead Out

CurrentRead Out

Battery Charge Cycle Counter


1. Launch the Newport Bluetooth App: Download the Newport Bluetooth App from your app store.Open the app to begin connecting your battery.

2. Easy Battery Detection: Upon opening the Newport Battery App, tap "Continue Searching."If you don't see any batteries appearing, ensure you're close to the battery.

3. Seamless Battery Connection: Your battery will be displayed on the screen.Match the last three digits of the displayed battery with the three serial numbers on top of your battery.If the numbers match, simply tap on the battery to establish the connection.

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    SOC (State of Charge): Instantly see the current charge level of your battery as a percentage, allowing you to monitor battery life in real time.

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    Voltage (V): Get a clear reading of your battery's voltage, closely aligned with its intended voltage.

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    Current (A): Understand the exact current your battery is delivering to your motor.

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    Rated Capacity: Discover your battery's Amp Hours capacity, ensuring it matches your purchased battery.

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    Cycle Count: Keep track of the number of times your battery has been charged, providing insights into its overall lifespan.


"Love the bluetooth feature"

Alexander R

Love the bluetooth feature, really nice to cruise along and check the battery life on my phone.

Irwin F

Newport's Bluetooth feature made monitoring my boat's battery life a breeze, with a user-friendly app that keeps me informed in real-time.

Erik H