Lithium Batteries With Trolling Motors?

This is a common question we get due to the increased popularity of Lithium batteries in the market today.

Similar to all other trolling motor brands, we also advise against using lithium batteries with our products. Lithium batteries tend to run at a higher voltage for longer durations (14-16V) compared to Lead-Acid batteries (13V). Trolling motors are designed to be used with batteries that output around 13V at most and then primarily 12V. Using a higher voltage can put wear and tear on the motor, as well as potentially damaging some of the internal components and ruin your motor.

If you are able to find a "12V" Lithium battery with the output rated less than 13.5V, this could safely be used with the trolling motor. Lithium batteries with a consistent voltage output of 14V or higher are not safe for reason stated above. However, this can be difficult to determine, so you will have find the specifications of the battery or reach out to the manufacturer of the battery to inquire about the "Output Voltage". You will have to make sure it's specifically labeled as "Output Voltage" and not the "Nominal Voltage" of the battery. Many Lithium battery manufacturers will label their batteries as "12V" when in reality they output a much higher voltage.

NOTE: The LED battery meters on our motors and our Smart Battery Box will no longer be accurate for estimating the remaining charge if it is being used with a Lithium battery.

Hopefully this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions or need additional help.