Battery Quick Disconnect Peak Performance Guide

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Battery Quick Disconnect Peak Performance Guide

Follow These Basic Rules for Performance and Longevity

We all know how tough the marine environment is on gear, especially electrical connections.  These tips will help you get the best conductivity and longevity out of your electrical components:

  • After each use, use a freshwater mist and dry all metal components.  Saltwater speeds up electrolysis and corrosion, so this is a critical step.
  • Spritz all exposed metal and gaskets with a dielectric grease aerosol spray.  We recommend something like this one from CRC, and advise against the gel type. 
  • Store your batteries and plugs in a cool, dry environment.  
  • Do not put plastic bags over plugs or electrical connectors, as this promotes condensation build up.  
  • Do not allow your electrical connections to sit in water of any kind, especially saltwater


This Peak Performance video gives you the maintenance and performance rundown:

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