Quick Start | NK180PRO Electric Kayak Outboard Motor

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How-To Get Started with your NK180PRO Electric Kayak Outboard Motor

In this Quick Start video, you'll feel comfortable getting on the water with your new NK180PRO electric kayak outboard.  We cover terminology, installation checkpoints, and pre-launch protocol.  

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The NK180PRO is meticulously designed to transform your kayak angling adventure with 16% increased speed, 25% decreased noise, and 25% increased range over the original NK180. All that, plus the updated throttle design is IP67 rated with an intuitive interface for precise control. This Quick Start video makes setting up and using your motor for the first time easy. Whether you're you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, we're confident you'll be 100% ready to dominate the waters after following along with this video.


Get ready to dominate the waters.



  • This video is very useful. Most definitely helped with the initial setup of my NK180Pro. I’m extremely pleased with how my NK180Pro performed on its maiden voyage. 5.5 mph/SOG. “Speed Over Ground” Now it’s time to do some fine tuning to get the most out of it. Keep up the great work guys!

    Michael Manning
  • How can I trade in my nk180 n pay extra to get the 180pro?

    Michael nguyen

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