Peak Performance | NK180PRO Electric Kayak Outboard Motor

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How-To Get Peak Performance out of your NK180PRO Electric Kayak Outboard Motor

Take full advantage of the upgraded performance attributes the NK180PRO offers with these tips on maintenance, trim settings, weight distribution and more. You'll be glad you checked this out!

The NK180PRO is meticulously designed to transform your kayak angling adventure with 16% increased speed, 25% decreased noise, and 25% increased range over the original NK180. All that, plus the updated throttle design is IP67 rated with an intuitive interface for precise control.

Learn how to take advantage of the new industry standard in kayak motor performance and become a PRO! 


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  • Are any of the 180 Pro parts (i.e. prop and/or controller) interchangeable with the original180? If so, how much and what is the performance effect?


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