Many of our customers want to reorient their motors to use on the bow of their boats. Please see the guides below for instructions on how to accomplish this with any of our standard model trolling motors (Kayak, NV, and L Series)

Tilt Motorhead Transom to Bow Instructions

These instructions are designed to assist with our X Series or Pontoon trolling motor models and will assist you with safely modifying the tilting motorhead from the transom to the bow mount position.

Important Safeguards

When working on electrical motors, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including:

  • Before beginning, thoroughly read all tilt motorhead transom to bow mount instructions
  • Do not operate on the trolling motor if it is attached to a battery source. Ensure the trolling motor is disconnected from all power sources before starting the procedure
  • Please note, that the customer takes full reliability and responsibility for any damage that occurs when making any modifications that can defect the material or workmanship and will not be covered under warranty.

Required Tools
Flathead screwdriver (at least 3” long and smaller than the thru-bolt hole)
Phillips head screwdriver
Bench or stand to hold the trolling motor upright position
Masking Tape for marking
Vaseline or similar general grease

Step Instructions

Step One
Set the trolling motor throttle to “0” and disconnect your motor from the battery (the LED display will no longer illuminate). Position the trolling motor in an upright position, fastened securely to a stand or workbench.


Step two
Push the tiller handle in so it is not in the extended position


Step Three
Use the tape to mark the motorhead height for reassembling and use a pencil to make the centerline of the hole


Step Four
Loosen the thru-bolt just enough to remove the nut on the opposite side and hold on to it.


Step Five


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