Freedom On The Water with Newport

Episode 5

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Freedom On The Water with Newport, Episode 5

At Newport, we’re about off-the-beaten-path adventure and exploration. We’re about connecting with nature. We know the deeper into the drink you go, the more the distractions of land fade away. There’s a special feeling about being on a small vessel, immersed on a big blue ocean, testing your skill against tackle-busting fish.

In this episode of Freedom on the Water, Howie motherships his NT300-powered kayak WAY offshore in search of Pacific Bluefin Tuna. Watch the entire experience here:

Why Mothership and Not a Land-Based Launch?

Mothershipping allows you to achieve a bigger adventure, with all the stealth benefits of an electric motor and a small watercraft.  Bluefin Tuna can be very wary of traditional gas-powered boats and a more obtrusive vessel.  Targeting pelagics with Howie’s setup can be extremely effective.

How the NT300 Plays to Your Advantage:

Slow Trolling:

With the ability to use the entire throttle range seamlessly, from 1% all the way to 100%, Howie is able to dial in his trolling speed to match the size of the bait and the desired presentation for the fish he’s targeting.

Run and Gun Style Fishing:

With stealth and speed, the NT300 gives anglers the ability to silently track down schools of fish for a more favorable approach.

Chasing pelagics with the NT300

Targeting Big Fish from a Small Boat is More Fun: 

The more you enjoy the experience, the more confident you become in your techniques, and the more you are able to notice small successes.

All smiles, way deep into the drink

In summary, be prepared, have fun, and know your limits!

Target secured - Pacific Bluefin Tuna from the kayak


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