Bluetooth Enabled

Newport App

IP65 Water Resistant

28.9 LBS

Bluetooth Enabled

Newport App

IP65 Water Resistant

28.9 LBS


Cutting-Edge Monitoring

Introducing the All-New Newport Lithium Batteries with cutting-edge Bluetooth monitoring capabilities, specifically designed for the (24V50Ah, 36V30Ah, 36V40Ah) battery. Designed for the dedicated angler who seeks top-notch equipment performance, these batteries offer unparalleled features to enhance your fishing experience. With their lightweight lithium battery technology and integrated charging circuitry, you can trust in their exceptional power output.

Battery App

Introducing the Newport Bluetooth Battery App, the ultimate app designed to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of the battery power for your Lithium Batteries. This app is designed to enhance your battery management experience and ensure optimal performance.

What truly sets the Newport Lithium Batteries apart is their advanced Bluetooth battery power monitoring feature. Stay connected and informed about your battery's status in real-time, right from your smartphone or compatible device using the Newport Battery app available for both iOS and Android. No more guessing or worrying about battery life; fish with absolute confidence and enjoy extended time on the water. The Bluetooth technology ensures that you can effortlessly monitor the remaining battery life, voltage, and other crucial information without leaving your fishing spot. Embrace the convenience and control that Bluetooth monitoring, enabled by the Newport Battery app, brings to your fishing adventures. These batteries also feature a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to ensure optimal battery performance and longevity. The BMS actively monitors and regulates the battery's functions, protecting it from overcharging, over-discharging, and other potential issues. This intelligent system optimizes the battery's performance, extends its lifespan, and provides you with peace of mind during your fishing expeditions.

Experience uninterrupted power and focus on what matters most — your fishing adventure. The Newport Lithium Batteries deliver maximum power without any interruptions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the thrill of the catch. Don't settle for anything less than the best; choose Newport Lithium Batteries as your ultimate power source for fishing equipment. Embrace the future of angling technology and elevate your fishing prowess today.

Key Features

Bluetooth Monitoring

Get real-time battery power updates for ultimate control.


Easy portability for hassle-free transportation.

Long-Lasting Power

Enjoy extended fishing trips without worrying about battery life.

Fast Charging Time

Minimize downtime with quick equipment turnaround.

Reliable Performance

Withstand extreme temperatures for consistent operation.

Lithium Phosphate Chemistry

Advanced stability and reduced risk of thermal runaway or combustion.



With Newport Lithium Batteries, you'll be able to stay out longer, go further, and have a longer life cycle than conventional Lead-Acid marine batteries.

  • 3000+ Charge Cycles
  • Up To 10 Years Shelf Life
  • 90% Usable Capacity
  • Built In Battery Monitoring System

Runtime 36v 40Ah

Up to 40 Hours of Runtime

  • 3% Throttle @40w 39.2Hrs
  • 20% Throttle @260w 6Hrs
  • 50% Throttle @650w 2.4Hrs
  • 100% Throttle @1300w 1.2Hrs

The Specs // At A Glance

  • Voltage: 36V
  • Capacity: 40Ah
  • Chemistry: LiFePo4
  • Weight: 28.9
  • Dimensions: L12.9”xW6.7”xH8.4”
  • Life Cycles: 3000
  • BMS: 50A
  • Max Charge Voltage: 45V
  • Discharge Cutoff Voltage: 30V
  • Max Charge Current: 50A
  • Max Discharge Current: 50A
  • Peak Current: 150A
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 140 Degrees
  • BCI Group Size: 31
  • Terminal: M8
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Gabe C.
United States United States


The quality you'd expect from Newport, they never disappoint.

Helen E.
United States United States

Great Battery!

We have just used this battery with the NT300 Newport motor and a 10' Newport dinghy for a 10 day trip to Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet on British Columbia's west coast. We had it shipped domestic US shipping to Blaine, WA and a freight forwarder that we use brought it into Canada for $18.00 CAD. This is our normal way to import large-value shipments so we pay way less shipping, manage the brokering and pay the taxes ourselves at the airport CBSA office. First we read all the paperwork and found that the battery arrived with less charge than it should have. After checking with customer service at Newport we went on to charge and use it successfully. It is used with the NT300 and a Newport 10' dinghy as the tender package for our Tollycraft CPMY (Tollycraft 44'). We found that the battery lasted a log time, far longer than we needed it to. We spent hours on the Newport dinghy exploring the anchorage, going down the coast to waterfalls and hiking trails and ashore to the pub. The battery life or performance was never an issue. We recharged it most days, but one time we didn't bother, as it had 3/5 life left. We typically motored with it at 40% to 80% throttle and that was all we needed to get everywhere in comfort and quietly.

Alexander R.
United States United States

36v 40ah

Love the Bluetooth feature

Tim P.
Canada Canada

36V 40Ah Battery

I've been running the NK300 with the Newport 36V 40Ah battery for a few weeks now. The battery has been flawless and I have not run out of power yet.

Nicky E.
United States United States


Battery is incredible and light. Customer service, Romel Labrador, was beyond top notch. Customer for life.