3 Reasons To Buy An Inflatable Boat

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Top 3 Reasons To Buy an Inflatable Boat

Summer is a time to take advantage of the warm weather by participating in outdoor activities. Some types of water recreation can be performed along the shore, but often the most fun is to be had in a boat.

On the other hand, boat ownership isn't always much fun. They can be expensive to purchase, time-consuming to maintain, and difficult to transport by land. Many people may find that it is not worth the trouble or expense necessary to own a boat. If these factors have put a boat purchase out of your reach, you'll be pleased to know that there is another option available to you: an inflatable boat.

An inflatable dinghy is different from the glorified pool toys that pass for inflatable boats that you find at many department stores. Rather, an inflatable dinghy boat is made of durable material that resists puncture and has enough strength to accommodate an outboard motor. There are many advantages to owning an inflatable boat. These are just a few of them.

1. Versatility

Traditional boats are often designed and constructed for one specific purpose. This can be inconvenient if you participate in multiple aquatic activities. However, an inflatable watercraft is equally suitable for cruising, fishing, paddling, or yacht tending. If need be, it could also serve as a rescue boat or a even a lifeboat for a larger vessel.

Inflatable boats come in many different sizes. A small inflatable boat can go just about anywhere. Whether you want to use it on a petite mountain lake or along the ocean shore, it is up to the challenge. A large inflatable boat may not be able to go on certain bodies of water due to its size but is otherwise just as versatile as its smaller counterpart.

Owners of inflatable boats may choose to propel them by main power, i.e., rowing or paddling. However, due to the sturdy construction of the vessel, owners also have the option of using inflatable boat motors. Regardless of what type of motor you choose, an inflatable craft offers distinct advantages. Its light weight allows you to use an electric motor, which is better for the environment. On the other hand, using a gas of diesel motor with an inflatable watercraft can increase fuel efficiency.

2. Convenience

Maintaining a traditional boat can take a lot of time and money. Requirements to maintain an inflatable dinghy are considerably less. You only have to clean it when needed with some soap and water, meaning that ongoing costs are much lower as well.

Transporting a boat over land can be a major hassle. You usually require extra towing equipment in the form of a boat trailer. This is not the case with an inflatable craft, however. When deflated, it rolls up to fit in the back of nearly any vehicle.

In addition to being portable, an inflatable craft is also easy to store because it condenses into a relatively small package. You have the option of storing it deflated or inflated. Deflation can be accomplished in as little as five minutes.

3. Affordability

Purchasing a traditional boat requires a significant financial commitment. Even a small fishing skiff can cost up to $50,000, not a good value when you can only use it seasonally. Furthermore, the purchase of a traditional boat doesn't necessarily represent a very good investment. For every year that you own a boat, it can depreciate in value by about 10%. During the first year alone, the depreciation rate is closer to 20%.

An inflatable watercraft is much more affordable. Most range in price from about $800 to $2,000. Not only that, but inflatable watercraft can save you money on maintenance supplies and extra accessories like a boat trailer.

If you choose to use a diesel or gas motor with your inflatable craft, you can save a lot on fuel costs. Because inflatable watercraft are so light, very little power is required to propel them across the surface. This means that your fuel budget goes farther as you will consume less per trip.

Other Inflatable Boat Advantages

If you're still not convinced, you should know about the other advantages that inflatable watercraft have to offer:

  • Safety and Stability: A stable boat is less likely to turn over in rough water or at high speeds. The flat bottom and buoyancy of the inflatable craft makes it more stable, and therefore safer and more comfortable.
  • Durability: Inflatable watercraft are made of high-quality, rugged materials to stand up to harsh conditions in all kinds of weather. Not only that, but prior to sale each unit must undergo a rigorous check according to exacting quality standards.
  • Environmentally Friendly Options: If you choose an electric motor for your boat, it will be less disruptive to the ecosystem beneath the water's surface. Additionally, electric motors do not produce exhaust emissions or leak fuel into the water.

There is no need to let the costs and inconveniences of owning a traditional boat prevent you from getting out on the water. Inflatable dinghies and boats represent a reasonable alternative.

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